How to Throw the Perfect Dinner Party This Winter

corelle-1With the cold wintry climate of November and December comes the countdown to Christmas, the chance of snow and of course, a great opportunity for a dinner party! It is the time of year where it is acceptable to eat as many marshmallows as possible, always have a fire roaring and enjoy some amazing food.

If you are planning a dinner party this winter for all your friends and family, here are a few must haves to make your night extra special.

Great Company

Once the dinner is cooked and the table is set, invite all your friends and family over. Invite whoever you like over, share the night with your closest friends and family, make it an annual get together and you will be waiting for winter to come round each year.

Party Games

No dinner party would be a success without party games. Those board games, DVD games or quizzes that not only take away any awkwardness but also get everyone talking together.

These games can distract people from any cooking mishaps and ensure that there is entertainment provided for the whole night.

For those that are a little more adventurous you can try games like Mr and Mrs to test how much a couple know about one another (let’s hope it doesn’t end in tears).

Fantastic Food

The main reason for one of your fabulous winter dinner parties is to get all your loved ones together and then wow your guests with your amazing cooking skills. For the adults you can make mulled wine and for the younger kids you can there are some great sweet treats that will help combat the cold weather.

Hearty meals like meat pies or chilli are perfect for keeping your guests warm on a cold winter night. Along with this you can try creating marshmallow treats to be warmed on the fire. These not only taste great but also it’s an activity that gets everyone involved.

If you are looking for some traditional November or December meals then try your hand at making Parkin, the traditional Yorkshire fayre which is like a hearty gingerbread cake crossed with a flapjack.

Corelle Bake Serve and Store Ware

To make these dishes really stand out at your party, remember to serve them in Corelle. The chip and break resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe dishes are perfect for chilli or pies or even sweet puddings like crumble.

The last thing you want at your party is for your amazing food to leak through the bottom of your bakeware which then takes ages to clean. Instead, you can be sat eating wonderful food with good friends, enjoying tableware and bakeware that is stylish, with elegant patterns. Get the fire roaring, gather your friends and with some great food to enjoy in the warmth, what more could you ask for?

To see a full range of Corelle products, visit World Kitchen.

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