Minimal or Maxed Out?  Two Ways To Style Your New Loft Bedroom

So you’ve bitten the bullet and converted your loft into an extra bedroom.  The builders have packed up and left you alone to enjoy your fantastic new space.  Exciting, isn’t it?

Chances are you have been planning the interior design for weeks already and know exactly what style you want to go for.  Or maybe not?  Because any brand new room presents a challenge – choosing an entire scheme from scratch is daunting.

Usually we have fixtures and features we need to work with when decorating a room, but with a loft conversion that’s not always the case – it can be a real blank canvas.

Maybe you enjoy that minimal feeling and want to go with it style-wise?  Or perhaps you long for a more lavish retreat from the world, in a room filled with decadent details.

So if you’re unsure, today I’m suggesting two different ways to decorate a loft bedroom, at opposite ends of the design spectrum: firstly, a minimal Scandinavian-influenced look and secondly a luxe ‘boho glam’ style.

Minimal Loft Style for a Calm Oasis

For this style we look towards the Scandinavian aesthetic – opt for blonde or white wooden flooring teamed with simply styled, functional furniture, pared back lighting and accessories.

To get a truly streamlined look, it’s worth considering built-in cupboards without handles or fuss free sliding wardrobe doors.

Whether you’ve kept some of the brickwork exposed or gone for plaster and paint, decorate with light colours – white and grey are perfect, with occasional colour pops such as yellow, teal or pink.  Neon shades can add a nice punch to what may otherwise be quite a plain room.

I would opt for unfussy blinds at the windows and if you happen to have VELUX windows, as loft rooms often do, choose for straightforward roller blinds in white, grey or black – or a pop of colour such as yellow or red, like these ones.

Bedding is usually simple and homely – subtle geometric patterns and washed linen bedding works really nicely.  Or you could be a bit bold with the bedding and choose a trendy palm print design for a funkier ‘urban’ jungle look.

Add a chunky knitted throw to the bed and place a natural woven basket for magazines, plus a sheepskin rug, beside the bed – these are perfect accessories for this style of room.

You want this style of room to feel clutter free with clean lines.  It needs to be a calm oasis away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Sheepskin Rug: Hide Rugs // Bedside Table: La Redoute // Macrame Plant Holder: Geo Plants // Grey Geo Bedding: H&M // Scandi Style Cushion: Roddy & Ginger // Concrete Fresh Linen Candle: Wayfair

Boho Glam Style for an Exotic Escape

If the above style is too simple for your taste, why not take this opportunity to turn your blank canvas into an exotic and glamorous haven?  If your mantra is ‘go big or go home’ then a decadent and colourful, richly layered room is best for you.  Think a mix of Moroccan and Boho interiors for an eclectic and individual style.

You’ll want to inject colour, so why not embrace a bold feature wall behind the bed?  Look for paints in precious jewel hues such as ruby, emerald or sapphire.

Choose luxury fabrics like a velvet bed spread and you could even go all out and add a canopy over the bed!

Be confident about mixing colour and pattern to create a lovely layered effect to the room, which adds character.  Seek out artisan rugs such as the stylish and popular Beni Ourain styles and beaded or hand embroidered cushions.  Anything with a trellis pattern or fretwork design works too – you could incorporate it in a screen for example or on cupboard doors, or simply by using decorative lanterns, light fittings and gold side tables.  Look for quirky accessories such as mirrors and handmade ornaments.

Paradise palms will add that exotic hideaway touch.  You can buy great artificial ones these days if you aren’t a good plant carer.

Window dressings can be layered – you might combine functional black out blinds for a cosy feel with floaty voile curtains.  A tiled floor would look amazing and could be vinyl rather than real tiles, for ease of laying and underfoot comfort.

Frieda Pom Poms Linen Cushion: Brissi £38 // Medina Gold Side Table: Rose & Grey £185 // Pin-Tucked Velvet/Linen Quilt: Cox & Cox £175 // Round Metal Tray: H&M £17.99 // Patchouli Sweetgrass Candle: PF Candle Co at Ruby Roost £18 // Artificial Paradise Palm: Blooming Artificial £55.49

So which camp are you in when it comes to a loft bedroom – does form and function win every time for you, or would you prefer a cosier, eclectic and romantic escape?

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