Unique benefits of mirrored sliding wardrobes

iwardrobes mirroredWhen it comes to the decor of your bedroom, one of the main features is your wardrobe. Whether you have a modern free-standing wardrobe, an old-fashioned closet or any other style of wardrobe, they can be a great focal point for the room, in the same way that a feature wall can draw your eye and make a statement.

So much so that these days people choose their wardrobes as much for aesthetic appeal as their storage potential, which is why you’re far more likely to see modern mirrored sliding door wardrobes in people’s houses.  Built-in wardrobes are ideal for modern living as they are practical and stylish, and when you add in the fact that you can opt for a mirrored door closet, you can really see the added appeal.

If your bedroom could use a makeover, here are a few benefits of mirrored wardrobes:


When it comes to choosing furniture and decor for our bedrooms, we’d much rather have stylish and attractive features and fittings as it can really help to bring our entire bedroom to life.  One of the best things about installing a fitted bedroom wardrobe with mirrored doors is the fact that it can make your room look both contemporary and elegant.  The wardrobes give a sense of style, they blend in naturally to most rooms, suit a variety of interior styles and can instantly enhance the overall look.

Make the room appear bigger

Another great benefit is the fact that mirrored door wardrobes can create the illusion of space, making a room appear larger than it actually is. The mirrored wardrobes work extremely well in small or  cramped rooms, as they reflect the light and are quite minimal in design, so can open up the room seamlessly. And of course you always need a mirror in the bedroom to dress, or do your hair and make-up, so you get double the benefits.

More storage

Another great advantage to sliding door wardrobes is the fact that they provide greater storage, which is something that virtually all of us require. The great thing about these wardrobes is that they can be built directly onto the wall and can therefore stretch from floor to ceiling, meaning you increase the storage space within.  Make use of every single inch offered by the wardrobes, using racks, hanging rails, shelves, drawers and more to instantly maximize that internal storage space.

Easy access

A common problem affecting wardrobes with hinged doors is because of the way they open, it can sometime limit where you can use them in your bedroom.  A hinged door requires a certain amount of space to allow for opening, whereas sliding doors are so much more streamlined and don’t require that same opening space.  Access to a wardrobe with a sliding door is so much easier, too as you can open them as wide as you like, unlike slimmer hinged doors which restrict access much more.

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