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Earlier this month I headed down to London for an event at the gorgeous Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard to learn about some exciting new products from British Gypsum.  The views were pretty amazing and the venue was a bit all right, too!  What a luxurious hotel – with perhaps the poshest lift and loos I’ve been in (heated toilet seats, anyone?!)

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But not only the venue impressed me on the day, so too did the products I came to see.  Now, you might not think plaster, plasterboard and ceiling solutions could ever be considered cool or sexy, but you are so wrong!

‘Rooms Made For You’ is a new generation of products from British Gypsum, the leading manufacturer of interior lining systems in the UK, that can seriously improve the way we use and enjoy our homes.


Magnetic Plaster


Thistle Magnetic Plaster is such an innovative product, it skims on just like regular plaster, except that it contains metal and therefore turns your walls into inspiring display areas or giant noticeboards!

Imagine a wall in the kitchen, the children’s bedrooms or playroom where you could display letters and reminders, or the kids artwork, just by placing them on the wall with a magnet.  Plus imagine the ways creative agencies and businesses could also benefit from magnetic walls in their offices.  I think it is a genius idea – you can throw out damaging drawing pins or blu-tak – and the wall doesn’t need specialist paint.  You could even go for chalkboard paint to make a magnetic chalkboard wall.  (Oh and in case you were wondering, it doesn’t interefere with any electronic technology placed nearby as the product is inert.)


Lifestyle Wall

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Next up, we viewed the revolutionary Lifestyle Wall.  It’s not an exaggeration to say this product is a game changer for the modern home.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to put up shelves or a TV wall bracket simply by screwing ordinary screws directly into the wall?  That’s what you can do with this amazing Lifestyle Wall.

lifestyle wall

lifestyle wall 2

No need for drilling holes and using rawl plugs, or worrying if the plasterboard will be strong enough to hold up your curtain rail.  This product is super strong, resistant to knocks and even reduces noise travelling through from other rooms.  If you are looking to self build or add an extension to an existing home, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you look at this product.


Silent Floor

silent floor

If noise pollution is a particular problem for you, you’ll want to know about the third and final clever product we looked at.  Silent Floor is simple to install sound insulation that reduces noise by 15 decibels, made possible by resiliently mounted ceilings and impact resistant walking surfaces.  Having listened to an example of what music sounds like through Silent Floor, I can tell you that 15 decibels makes a significant reduction  – for me, it would be the difference between being able to get to sleep or not with a party going on downstairs.

To say I was impressed with the Rooms Made For You range really would be an under statement.  Amazing products in an amazing venue, so my thanks to British Gypsum for inviting me along and for a lovely afternoon tea, too!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for my time and travel on the day, however all opinions are completely genuine and I was truly impressed by the Rooms Made For You innovations.

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