Using Filters to Help You Choose the Right Steam Shower

Buying a new steam shower unit for your bathroom can be an overwhelming task; you’ll have a plethora of decisions to make and information to consider before you finalise your purchase. By using a supplier that provides a website with helpful filters to narrow down your choices you’ll be able to purchase the precise shower you really want and need, and within your budget. Let’s review some of the steps that you’ll have to take when using filters to assist you in selecting a new steam shower for your bathroom.



Your Budget

The first step in the filtering process is to set the amount you want to spend on your steam shower. Do you want an economical model for £549.00 or would you prefer a more luxurious model with attractive features for £1995.00? It’s important to have an idea of the budget you are willing to spend on a new steam shower cabin.


Measurement filters allow you to narrow down the selection based on the size of shower which will fit comfortably in the space you have available. Remember to measure your bathroom and the space allotted for the shower before you begin the shopping process. Do you need a shower that is 800 millimetres wide or can your bathroom accommodate a shower that is 1700 millimetres wide?

How deep can your shower cabin be? Would a unit 800 millimetres deep meet your needs or would you prefer a shower that is 1500 millimetres deep? Remember to work with the space that you have available and choose the size that best meets your requirements.

The height of the shower is important, especially in regards to your own height. By visiting the website you’ll be able to choose a shower unit that is from 2150 to 2280 millimetres high. Select the model that best fits the space you have and the height that you personally require to shower comfortably.

Glass Thickness

The thickness of the glass on new shower units is typically 5mm or 8mm. Depending on your preference you can use this parameter to further refine your search for the ideal model of shower that will work best for you.

Free Delivery

If you are working on a limited budget, you should check the filter box for a model that can be delivered without any fee or charge. Check with the supplier regarding the availability of free delivery within the timeframe you need the shower unit to arrive at your home, ready for installation.

Brand Selection

By researching various shower brands available, and soliciting advice from a team of professionals, you can easily select the brand of shower that best meets your needs. Choose a supplier that offers you a variety of quality brands that come with warranties to protect your purchase.

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