What Bathroom Tile Trends will you see in 2015?

Tiles have been around as a popular decoration for bathrooms for years and they are still as popular as ever; but what sort of tiles should you be thinking of putting up on your walls if you want to be on trend?

Why would you want to make sure that you’re following what’s popular? Most people like to make their bathroom not only somewhere they are happy to bathe but also a room that they can be proud of when people visit. This is where making sure your bathroom is on tend comes in, and you can still put your own touch on a room, within the theme.

Go with metallic

Metallic look tiles are perfect if you want to achieve a clean and fresh look; they have a very contemporary vibe. There are several metal looks you can go for such as steel, which has shimmering lines, and copper which has more of a traditional feel with a modern twist. Just because you opt for a metallic look doesn’t mean your room has to be shiny; there are just as many matte versions of these tiles available.

A taste of the subway

Subway style tiles are very popular in both bathrooms and kitchens. You will have seen these rectangular tiles when travelling on the subway. But the modern versions come in a variety of colours to perfectly complement your other décor. If you don’t want to spend the time to tile every wall with subway tiles then tiling just the splash back area around your tub and sink is a great option and gives a striking feature to your room.

Mixing a wood feel with traditional white

This makes for a great contrast of colour and style that will give you bathroom décor to be proud of. White tiles are the staple of many a bathroom decoration; when combined with the wood look they make for an effective contemporary style. Of course you don’t have to actually put wood up on your walls; this can be an expensive and complicated process. There are plenty of textured wall tiles which are manufactured to mimic wood.

Solid color, various shapes

Instead of opting for a variety of colours with your bathroom tiling your can stick with the same colour but vary the shape and style of your tiles. Either use larger tiles on the floor or lower walls and smaller tiles higher up, or you can have some tiles with a raised pattern on their surface giving a feeling of additional texture to the room.

Embrace a mosaic

Mosaics are most definitely hot right now, with their big and bold designs. You can even mix mosaics in a room; choose one for the wall and one for the floor maybe. The one thing to remember is that if room decoration is too busy it just starts to look distracting rather than interesting and appealing.  Don’t be afraid of pattern but do be careful you don’t go too wild.

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