What Decade Defines your Interior Style?


Most of us have a strong sense of what we like in a home.  Whether it’s cosy colours and and a characterful cottage filled with treasures, or a bright, white minimal space – or something else.

Maybe you are a little confused about what it is that actually floats your boat, interiors-wise?  I must admit, I’ve changed my mind a lot over the years.  As much as I would love to try the modern, minimal look, a lack of ‘stuff’ and pristine white walls isn’t really practical when you have three sons aged 7, 10 and 13.  Maybe when they are older and have moved out I’ll give it a try!

I do like to look at glossy, ultra-modern space-age interiors when I see them in homes magazines, but my true comfort zone is probably something much more rustic in style, with hints of Scandinavian design and a few industrial elements – even a little modern country, as I love scrubbed wood, tweedy fabrics and original features.

I hadn’t really thought of myself as a swinging sixties retro girl, though, so it came as quite a surprise to discover that my own personal style for my home leans towards this era!

How do I know?

Well, Co-op insurance has released a clever new web tool, which is essentially a fun swiping selection game.  You simply select whether you like or dislike a piece of décor that you are shown on the app, and it whittles down through your choices, enabling you to discover what decade your interior style belongs in.

So this was my style conclusion after I’d swiped all the images:

It looks like you’re craving a dose of the Swinging Sixties! Vibrant colours and repeat patterns pay homage to the pop art movement: the perfect backdrop for Jetson-esque, space age furniture. Groovy baby!

As I say, my time period came as quite a surprise, but then I started to think some more about the pictures I was drawn to; the starburst clock for example which we have in our conservatory, a cool, retro floor lamp, the classic 60s Scandi-design chair and so yes – I realised I’m perhaps a bit more retro in style than I had even realised!

Of course it’s only for fun – and you should try it!  Pop the kettle on and find the Room for Change tool here in the link to discover what decade defines your interior style.  I’d love to hear what era you got, so do please leave a comment.

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