What Makes a House a Home?

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Home security can’t ever be underestimated and so I’m pleased to be able to hand over today to an expert in the field, Dave Herbert of Yale:

One of the first things people think about when we talk of ‘making a house a home’ is putting one’s own mark on it.  And when people go to make that mark – whether it’s on a new house or as a design overhaul on an existing one – they tend to take one of two very distinct approaches…

Some people by nature are very productive and proactive; getting up at 6am to gloss doors and bannisters or sand antiques for upcycling. Putting their stamp on their property is a priority, and they quickly settle into a home of their own style and making.

Others, while they might be well intentioned with their DIY aspirations, still have projects to fulfill (or even boxes to unpack!) two or three years after they’ve moved in.

Regardless of how long it takes or how much you get done, your achievements (big or small) can be a real point of pride, having invested so much time in them. But it could be argued that there is an even more important part of the process…

Here at Yale, we came across a survey asking people what they consider to be their most treasured possessions at home*, and we think the results speak volumes about what really makes a house a home.

The survey found that the most treasured possessions are not necessarily the things that have cost the most money – in fact, 74% of respondents said that their most financially valuable possessions are not the most precious to them.  More likely, it’s just a piece of paper; things like photographs, certificates and childrens’ drawings.

That’s what makes a house a home; creating a space where you can cultivate memories and – more importantly – keep them safe.

A home is an evolving thing, which changes along with you and your family.  It will be a very different place when you live as a couple compared to when you have children, and it will be different again when those children have grown.  The family dinners or the days you make a ‘sofa fort’ with the kids… it all adds to the fabric of the house.

It’s not always seen as the exciting or glamorous side of what makes a house a home, but home security allows you to protect what you spend a lifetime building.

So consider: have you taken enough steps to keep your memories safe?  Visit the Yale website for tips and advice about how you can improve your own home security and with ‘National Home Security May Day’, sponsored by Yale, (taking place on next month’s early bank holiday, 4th May) what better time to take on some extra DIY projects?!

*Survey conducted by Confused.com


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