What Type of Mum Are You?

Here’s a bit of fun for a Sunday night!

Sunlife got in touch recently to let me know about their quiz, What Type of Mum Are You?

I think I know what sort of mum I am, but my boys probably have a different idea; I think I’m patient and too soft – they probably think the exact opposite!

Whether you have a mum or are one yourself, why not take the quiz – it might be quite revealing!

Head to the SunLife website and click to get started.  Simply answer eight multiple choice questions and when you get to the end there will be a summary for you.

What sort of mum am I?  Well it turns out I may be a sharp mum, here’s what it says:

The Sharp Mum

You’re an idealistic mum always looking for opportunities to help your kids learn and achieve their goals. You’re charming, persistent and familiar with the benefits of Google. When it comes to having to make decisions or sort things out you make a great mediator and your choices are smart and intuitive. The kids know you rule the roost and your explanations never give them any reason to doubt you; they trust you implicitly.

After I took the quiz, I got my youngest son to answer the quiz questions – and based on his responses, I’m a different mum, the Organic mum…

The Organic Mum

Organic Mum, you’re generous and you never fall short when it comes to giving your kids the love or attention they need. You’re open to most ideas and encourage your kids to be free-thinking and open-minded about most aspects of life. You’ve an artistic mind and always open to sharing your emotions with the kids and provide the best advice for every moment. Live and learn is the way you live your life and want your kids to live theirs.

Perhaps I’m a mix of the two really.

Now, I would love to hear what kind of Mum you are, leave a comment!


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