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Sasha Interiors UK Interior DesignI don’t know about you, but I have found this winter to feel particularly long and cold.  I seem to be constantly chilly and literally can’t wait to cast off my winter woollies and start wearing some nice cotton shirts and short sleeved t-shirts.  With just a few weeks to go before spring, I am craving some more sunlight and colour in my life!  I’m looking forward to getting outdoors and potting some early flowering plants in our patio containers, as the garden has been looking so drab of late.

As a blogger who takes a lot of indoor photos of rooms and homeware items, it has proved really hard recently to get some good snaps that don’t look horribly gloomy.  So as well as anticipating the outdoor changes that spring brings, I’ve also been thinking about ways to inject some light, colour and vibrancy into our home.

In particular, I would love to give our front room a fresh new look.  Last year we tried something quite daring which was creating this dark feature wall and I have really enjoyed the drama of it:

black chimney breastBut, with our large square bay window that will soon be letting in lots more light over the spring and summer months, I would really like to capitalise on this aspect and switch up the room a bit; from a dark, cosy space into something light, bright and cheerful.  It would be nice to put some pretty floral wallpaper on a feature wall, or perhaps a colourful butterfly design – and I’d love to add further layers of colour maybe with some teal velvet curtains and pink or orange cushions, too, for a complete change!butterfly_wallpaper_sasha_interiorsDid you know that your preferred room colour can really say a lot about your personality?  Sasha Interiors have created a guide that looks into what your room colour means and how the power of colour can impact on the way we feel.  Apparently, a black room means that you are elegant and mysterious, which I rather like!  But I am also ready to embrace the peaceful and cheerful feelings that some fresh, modern hues should evoke.

Are you excited to welcome spring into your home and make some interior design changes?

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