Which Cocktail Complements Your Wardrobe? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

The weekend starts here and so I’ve got a fun post to share today, focusing on two of my favourite things – fashion and cocktails!

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I’m really partial to a pretty dress and a stylish cocktail… Both remind me of holidays, girls nights out and a feeling of carefree fun and forgetting about problems. They take me to a happy place!

And after all these weeks of social distancing, unkempt hair and loungewear on repeat, the fact we can now see small groups of friends seems extra special. The prospect of putting on a nice outfit and sipping on summery drinks seems like such a treat!

In fact, just last weekend I really enjoyed hosting a little garden get-together with a few of my friends over Prossecco as we caught up after weeks of being apart. If you’ve arranged a similar gathering, maybe you’re excitedly dressing your patio or balcony with fairylights and planning the refreshments and what to wear? If you need help with either the clothes or the drinks, there are some great tips waiting for you from Joe Browns.

Joe Browns is the distinctive clothing brand for men and women, known for its vintage style with a twist. Taking a ‘mixology’ approach to their eclectic designs, they’ve come up with the following quiz to help you discover your perfect cocktail, based on your wardrobe!

If you think about it, there are definitely style parallels… Perhaps your personal style is a bit like a playful Mojito, fun-loving and full of life. A bit retro and definitely colourful, like the streets of Havana where this drink originated:

Women’s Mexicana Tunic £30
Men’s In The Sun Shirt £17 (was £35)

Or you could be more like a classic Martini… Effortlessly cool, this well known vodka cocktail aligns with a personal style that is sharp, sophisticated and creative.

Women’s Moonlight Floral Dress £30
Men’s In The Spirit Blazer £100

Or are you bold and vibrant, like a Cosmopolitan? Did you know the Cosmopolitan is a mid-seventies concoction with a cool urban vibe? The perfect match for a vibrant personality and colourful wardrobe:

Joe’s Funky Leather Jacket £150
Men’s Back To Nature Tee £19

Intrigued to know your perfect pairing? Click to take the quiz…

What did you get?! I was paired with a chic Mimosa, a sparkling cocktail that I really do like. I didn’t know it was invented in Paris in 1925 – I definitely love the sophisticated, Parisian vibe, so I’m happy with that as a match to my style. (And now I know how to make one, too!) The Pretty Peplum dress is a perfect match…

And for stylish gents, the High Life blazer ticks all the boxes…

I hope you enjoyed the quiz – it makes you think about how the way you dress showcases your individuality. You could say every outfit you choose is a cocktail of different styles, creating a look that’s as unique as you! If you love stylish clothes with quirky details that capture a spirit of adventure and individuality, why not check out the Joe Browns collection here.

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