Why a Loft Conversion Makes a Fantastic Kids Room

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I’ve talked before about how I would love to convert our loft space into a usable room one day.

Lots of people are going in for a loft conversion and it makes sense.  It’s far cheaper to convert the attic of your home into a bedroom than move to a new house with an extra bedroom.  It should be a lot less hassle too, as long as everything goes to plan, with the majority of the work taking place via the roof space.  Plus it can be more affordable to convert a loft than you might initially think.

I’m always interested to chat to people who have had a conversion and find out how they are using the room.  For us, I would love it to be a master bedroom with an ensuite, but I have also seen some great loft conversions that have become an office or even a cinema room.  How cool!

Many loft rooms are however created for the children in the family – they can make a great space for growing teenagers who need a bit of room to themselves.  Add some soundproofing and it makes for a great social space where they can have friends over and turn up the music – even have band practice with a set of drums and electric guitars, without disturbing the rest of the family!

Other parents choose to create a lovely shared bedroom for younger siblings up in the eaves.  It must be so exciting for youngsters to move into a new loft conversion built just for them.  I certainly would have loved that when I was a little girl.  It’s a chance to go to town with inspirational décor ideas, too.  You could make use of a high ceiling space to decorate with bunting or tissue pom poms, or include an eye catching light fitting.

A gorgeous fabric teepee in one corner would give the room an adventurous feel and you could add a unique feature wall – how about a climbing wall and an indoor swing?  Or a magical piece of wall art – perhaps a fairytale landscape to go with a princess-style four poster bed, or a magnetic plaster wall to aid creativity.  Maybe a mirrored wall, like a dance studio complete with ballet bar.  You could even create a mini dance floor and add a glitter ball and karaoke machine, the options are as big as your imagination.

Depending on a number of factors, such as floor space and head height, you have the potential to create one or even two rooms, as well as a bath or shower room and perhaps some useful built-in storage along the eaves.

Without a dormer, you may not even need planning permission (but check with your local council) and usually the simpler the conversion, the cheaper the work should be.  But if you really want to max out the space, then adding a dormer is a great way to do it.  You could also change your roof design, for example turning an existing hipped roof into a gable end to create more space (I think we would definitely do this and re-tile our aging roof at the same time).

Daylight can flow into the space via Velux windows and automatic blinds installed to control the amount of light.   There is a lot of information and loft conversion inspiration to be found on the internet.  I particularly love this children’s room and the way it has been decorated with painted second hand furniture.  There is such a lovely charm about the space, including those cute numbered stairs leading up to the loft room.

For further loft inspiration you can also check out my Pinterest board.

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