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Specialists in Water Softeners and Water Filter Systems, Kinetico have a range of systems ideal for every home.

Kinetico filtered water will produce great tasting food, enhance the flavours of your favourite meal and make your tea taste fantastic.  It is also makes more sense environmentally if you can have pure filtered water straight from your tap – no need for all those disposable plastic bottles.

 With an AquaScale drinking water filter you also get the added benefit of a limescale free kettle.  Now I happen to live in a soft water area, which is all down to the geology of the ground that the rain falls on in my region – check out Kinetico’s map that shows where our hard and soft water areas are.  Where I live we don’t get limescale build-ups, our soap lathers up fine and I can use less detergent in the washing machine.  But, having hosted giveaways for products that tackle limescale, I’ve come to realise just what an effect hard water can have on your appliances.  Because water forms a major part of any kitchen, the damaging effects of hard water can be significant, whereas soft water running through your appliances will increase their longevity and maintain their efficiency.

Kinetico’s water softeners use a process called ‘ion exchange’, to remove the elements which cause water to be hard – magnesium and calcium ions.  As well as limescale problems, hard water areas can leave skin feeling tight and eczema sufferers are discovering the benefits of installing a Kinetico water softener as part of their overall skin care routine.

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The Kinetico team have kindly offered a £50 voucher to spend at Homebase to one reader of Tidy Away Today, as they know how much we enjoy a spot of home improvement round here.  If you’d like to take part, follow the steps in the rafflecopter widget below and good luck! 

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