Winterwear Gifts for Guys from Jacamo

Guys aren’t always the easiest of creatures to buy for, are they? Especially at this time of year!

And it’s the same for teenage boys. As well as finding a present or two for Xmas, my eldest son, Alex also has a birthday this month. Apart from driving lessons, it’s been a bit hard to know what to get him. But fortunately I’ve gathered some inspiration from Jacamo recently, after browsing their clothing and accessories.

Jacamo gave me the opportunity to test out a couple of things from their website, and looking at the 2018 autumn/winter collection there appeared to be a good choice of nice, wearable stuff for guys. I thought my son would like to choose something he’d wear. Shopping online at a ‘one stop’ destination like this appeals to him far more than a trip to the shops would. (I always get the eye roll at the mere suggestion.)

Even Alex could see that Jacamo has everything he could need: suits, shirts, shoes, smart gear and casual everyday style. We noticed their size range is great, too, with offerings from S to 5XL.

My son’s style is laid back and understated; he likes jeans, shirts, hoodies and classic, muted colours. He definitely dresses for comfort as well as style. Now in 6th form, his usual weekday attire is a suit, shirt and tie, and Jacamo have plenty of these on offer, but he opted for a minimal black jacket that gives a bit of warmth for the winter, but is only lightly padded so that he could wear it over his suit on a cold morning. This Adidas insulated jacket is perfect for that, but it also works just as well as a weekend jacket.

It is a size L and comes in quite generous, which is handy for putting over things. A lot of sleeves tend to be a bit short on Alex, but these aren’t which is great.

The boots he chose are really versatile. These leather look chukka boots are chunky enough for pairing with jeans and a checked shirt at the weekend, but they also look smart when worn with one of his suits. In a very convincing vintage leather look, they’re comfy, a great price point and have a good grip on the sole for when it gets icy underfoot.

As a mum of three growing lads, having a site like Jacamo to shop as they get older, that covers everything from casual to smartwear, accessories, footwear etc. is really handy. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on their collections in the future and I know Alex will, too, especially if he’s looking for current trends and good value.

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