Make a Raised Bed with Easi-Sleeper


I hope you have enjoyed the previous two ‘how-to’ videos I have shared from Easi-timber, which you can find here and here.

With the weather continuing to be good, it really makes me want to get out in the garden and do some projects to improve our outdoor space, how about you?  Well if you’ve got the DIY bug, today you can watch the third and final video of the series, which gives a step-by-step guide about how to install an easi-sleeper raised bed.


In case you were wondering, the experts behind the videos are from BSW Timber.  BSW Timber is the most technologically advanced and progressive sawmilling company in the UK and it’s two industry leading brands, Easi and Timeless Timber, are distributed throughout the construction, fencing, decking, sleeper and pallet and packaging sectors.  The company is committed to supporting sustainable forestry and a proud member of Grown in Britain, a government backed campaign to create a sustainable future for British forests and woodlands.

So back to today’s short how-to guide; a raised bed is a lovely way to get the children interested in gardening, as they can plant vegetable seeds easily and enjoy tending to the seedlings as they grow.  To eventually be able to eat something from the garden that they have grown by themselves is such a pleasure!  BSW’s award-winning easi timber is used to illustrate the process from start to finish.  If you plan to build a raised bed, or already have one, I’d love to hear about what you plan to grow in it this year.

Post in collaboration with Easi-Timber.

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Review: Set of 4 Drinking Jars from Mollie & Fred

glass jar lid

You probably can’t have failed to notice there is a big trend for vintage-style glass jars, they’re all over Pinterest being used for cocktails, smoothies and other drinks, but also desserts and snacks, they’re even becoming popular when turned into quirky pendant lights for the home.

I’m a big fan of these retro jars and so I was really pleased to be offered a set of Four Drinking Jars with Carrier from Mollie & Fred to review.  The jars have a silver screw top lid with a decorative cut out design and the side of the jars say, ‘Refreshing Drinks’.

Mollie & Fred jars

This gorgeous 4- jar set complete with its handy carrier is just what you need in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

carry handleIt makes your drinks feel like a real treat, even if it’s just some homemade lemonade, sipped through a stripy straw.  We tried out our jars with some strawberry milk and a few delicious snacks.

sunny afternoon 2

Perfect for parties and garden get-togethers, this set at £14.99 would also make a lovely gift.  They are more substantial than a normal tall glass, so less likely to get knocked over and spill everywhere.  The cut out design on the top not only looks pretty, but of course you can slide your straw in through the centre gap.

glass jars

I only had some plastic striped straws at home and these looked sweet, but if you have some vintage style paper straws they would look even more super-cute.  Even when not in use the jars look great on the kitchen worktop and if you like to blend up your own smoothies, they are the perfect jars to enjoy them from.

Mollie & Fred

If you check out the lovely Mollie & Fred website, you’ll find a fantastic array of homeware and gift items and lots of vintage-inspired gorgeous things.  Plus, if you order for the first time you will also receive a 10% discount, so even more reason to click through.  Big thanks to Mollie & Fred for sending me this gorgeous set of  drinking jars to review.

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Reader Offer: Liquid Wax Candles from Lumea Home


When I was recently introduced to the website of Lumea Home, their liquid wax candles were a completely new concept to me.  Perhaps they are to you, too?  If you love to burn candles in your home, then Lumea Home’s innovative and stylish lamps could be for you.  They feature a real flame that is fuelled by highly refined coconut oil.  Smoke free and with a long burn time, they even self-extinguish if knocked over.

Lumea has been providing beautiful, clean candlelight to some of the most luxurious hotels, spas and restaurants for years, so it is exciting to know they are available for us to enjoy in our own homes now, too.  The liquid wax cartridges are unscented, which means they are especially ideal for a table setting where you wouldn’t want an overpowering fragrance interfering with the smell and taste of your meal.

Lumea Home kindly sent me a sample lamp to see up close and try out at home, the aptly named Eternity Long Candle Lamp.  With a very chic mirrored glass shade that produces endless twinkling candlelight reflections, it’s a striking and glamorous piece of home decor.  It looks and feels very high quality and it arrived in time to perfectly complement my newly decorated, dark feature wall.

black chimney breast

Measuring 130 x 270mm, it fits perfectly on our mantelpiece and makes a stunning feature.  It also comes complete with four Lumea Liquid Wax Candles.  When lit, the lamp creates such a soothing, beautiful effect, as your eyes are tricked by the optical illusion and there appears to be many more candles than four!


I also love the fact that the liquid wax candles are mess free, there’s none of the dripping associated with traditional candles (and no smoke or soot, too) – plus they burn much longer than tealight candles!  (Up to 18 hours in fact.)  And of course, the sealed bottles are designed to fit Lumea Home’s wide range of luxury candle lamps.  When finished, you can simply replace the bottle – and there’s no waste because every drop of wax is used.  A set of 6 replacement bottles costs just £7.50.

liquid wax candle


Lumea Home are pleased to offer readers of Tidy Away Today a special discount code giving you a discount of £5 off a £30 spend.  Simply add the code TIDY5 to take advantage of this saving, which is valid until the end of May.

As well as the gorgeous Long Eternity Candle Lamp, you might be tempted by a pair of smaller Eternity lamps, or one of many other eye catching designs, either as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone.

Lumea Home



Thank you to Lumea Home for a great collaboration!

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How to Build Garden Decking with Easi-Deck

easi-deckLast week I was featured a helpful ‘how-to’ video from Easi-timber showing a step by step guide to installing a fence.

This week, I’m hosting another video from the series, which is a how-to guide to building a wooden deck, using Easi-deck materials which make the job much simpler.  The deck boards are machined to a grooved profile from quality timber from well managed sources and are high pressure preservative treated with Tanalith® E to cope with the great British climate for years to come.

Garden decking is a feature I would love to have in our back garden.  I’d never have contemplated my husband and me undertaking such a project ourselves, thinking it way beyond our capabilities, but actually, having watched the video I’m sure that anyone who is fairly hands-on with projects and enjoys a challenge, or has a bit of experience of building garden structures, could tackle it with Easi-deck!

Obviously, undertaking this sort of project yourself would save a heap of money; all you have to invest in is the materials and your time.  If you have a friend or relative who is able to help, so much the better.

The finished result is lovely, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Enjoy the video!


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#TeamSleepSheep – Aunty Ali to the rescue!


It has been about a week or so since my son Gabriel began sleeping on the Fogarty anti-allergy bedding range that was kindly sent to us by Dunelm as part of their #TeamSleepSheep campaign, which is aimed at giving everyone a better night’s sleep.  Whether your problem is too much light coming into the bedroom (Barney Blackout can help with that) or being uncomfortable (let Rory Foam assist you) or you’re having difficulty regulating temperature (Theo Thermal is your sheep!).

Or, as in our case, a problem with allergies – and specifically for my son, asthma – where the sheep in charge is Aunty Ali!

aunty ali

Aunty Ali is on a  mission to banish pesky allergies and she presents a complete range of products to help, including anti-allergy duvets, pillows, mattress and pillow protectors as well as mattress toppers.  You can even opt for hotel style anti-allergy goose feather and down pillows and duvets instead of polyester hollowfibre, if that’s what you would prefer.

hotel pillows

The Forgarty range my son has been using has impressed me with it’s quality.  Every item is beautifully padded, super-soft to the touch and fresh crisp white in appearance.  Not that you sleep directly on it of course, but still, it feels luxurious and not at all ‘clinical’ or purely functional as you might expect from an anti-allergy product.

The difference between this and ordinary bedding is the dust mite resistent and anti-allergy treated hollowfibre filling, which is designed to help relieve symptoms of allergies and comes with the British Allergy Foundations’ seal of approval.

I can confirm that Gabriel has slept well over the past nights, he has found the bedding to be really comfy and snuggly.  The duvet is a 13.5 tog and feels thick and warm, without being too heavy.

fogarty duvet

The poor love had a bad winter and was very wheezey and chesty, especially at night.  His inhaler started to be less effective so a few weeks back he changed medication and also as the weather has improved he has become much better.  Of course his inhaler is key to preventing inflammation in his lungs, meaning he will be less sensitive to any triggers – but anything extra we can do, such as regular hoovering of his mattress and the use of this anti-allergy bedding, I hope will contribute to helping him stay symptom free.

Those pesky house dust mite droppings contain substances that can trigger reactions that we don’t want, so you can read a lot more about the anti-allergy bedding from Dunelm here.

As part of the #TeamSleepSheep campaign, Dunelm are also running a competition for the chance to win a £1,000 bedroom makeover plus 5 £50 Dunelm Gift Cards, so why not get involved?

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