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  1. The shoes @sasseogrey are gorgeous I’m a wide fit and and the age of 46 My days of putting up with blisters and bleeding heels for the sake of clubbing and fashion are long gone I love the Hero tan boots but very hard to choose

  2. I adore the Ava Wide Fit Kitten Heel Shoes in Navy Suede. They are fabulous! I love they are wide fit as I’ve not really saw wide fitting stunning shoes before. I love the website, I could buy all the shoes!

  3. To make our bedroom cosy, I always have lots of supper fluffy pillows snd cushions on the bed… and fresh bedding as often as I can as I just love it.

  4. The first item I would pick up would be the lemonade with raspberry.. sounds so nice with ice cubes on a sunny day☀️all of the items looked delicious I would love too win

  5. My working from home tips
    Are to make sure you take regular breaks. It’s so easy to just steam ahead with no breaks. Comfort is important too, often we don’t have the equipment like we do in the office but if you can invest in one thing I recommend a decent chair, after all you’ll be sat on it a lot. That’s why I’ve entered the competition to win an Oblek chair by Lakeland. I’m still working from home and have been since April 2020 so will be nice to have a treat that also provides comfort.

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