3 Household Purchases that can save you money!

Everything you buy has a price and a value; sometimes spending more money than you think you should can save you some serious cash in the long run. 

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Do you remember as a child saving up coins in a piggy bank? Growing up learning the value of everything that you want to buy from your savings is a valuable life skill! These days a lot of people don’t know how to handle money, and they just end up spending it on things they don’t really need. Everyone can save a significant amount of money by just making little lifestyle changes. These three household purchases could help you save a lot of money over a year: 

Coffee machine to save money on coffee

Why should you invest in a coffee maker? Because it’s cheaper to make coffee at home, plus making coffee at home gives you the freedom to make your coffee in your own way. An average cup of regular coffee costs around £2.70 in a UK coffee shop; now, if you purchase a nice automatic coffee machine and brew your own coffee at home, it will cost you just a few pence per cup. Doing some simple sums tells you that you could be saving ££’s over the year by making your coffee at home!

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The fact is that a lot of coffee shops don’t offer you the best cup of coffee for the money you are paying, but if you make your coffee at home, you get the liberty to choose your own coffee beans, to adjust the coffee to your own preferred flavour. When you are seeking gratification in the form of a cup of coffee, nothing tastes better than a freshly brewed home-made coffee. An average automatic coffee maker costs from around £50.

A freezer to stash groceries 

Wasted food is wasted money. Make a habit of freezing as much as you can, from from bread to milk, to products that are going to go bad. One way to save money by freezing is to walk up and down the grocery store frozen aisle and find things that are on sale, buy them and stash them in your own freezer. Purchasing a freezer will really help you take advantage of sale deals. 

The sales cycles in the US are between 6 to 8 weeks every season and give you a chance to stock up on something. In the UK you’ll regularly find a section of the supermarket with discounted goods because their ‘use by’ date is nearly up. Pop them straight in the freezer when you get home and you extend their shelf life. One handy tip is to portion anything bought in bulk into single helpings or smaller packages as it is hard to break big quantities apart when they are frozen solid. Use freezer-safe containers that come in all shapes and sizes so you can literally store anything in them. A nice freezer will cost anything from £100 upwards depending on the size you want. Again you can save ££’s over a year on groceries by taking advantage of sales and stashing food in the freezer.

FoodSaver to save food and money

Have you ever cooked more food than you can eat? It’s something we all do from time to time, but rather than throw it away invest in a Vacuum Food Sealer or FoodSaver. One of these handy kitchen items will save you from the guilt of throwing leftover food away. It works by sucking the air out of a plastic bag or container, keeping the food fresher for longer. It will also work with long term storage in the freezer, a typical foodSaver can cost from around £20 saving you many ££’s per year by storing leftover food.

So as you can see, if you think about it there are plenty of ways to save a significant amount of money in the long run by purchasing essential household goods like these.

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