4 Ideas to Create an Ultra Calming Bedroom

This is a collaborative post with DUSK bedding

When life gets stressful and tests us, taking care of ourselves should be a high priority; whether that’s going for a walk, getting a soothing massage or spending some time reading or meditating. Our surroundings can also impact our mood, so ensuring the home or workspace is clean and organised can help us feel calmer.

Rest is also incredibly important for our wellbeing, so at home we should make an effort to create a calm oasis in our bedrooms to reduce stress levels. A good tidy-up is a great starting point for making the home feel more spacious and easy to live in:

Give everything a home

An organised space creates a sense of order and purpose. Try to avoid chaotic clothes piles, random shoes and accessories lying about, beauty products gathering dust and an un-made bed. You will be more able to relax if the surfaces are clean and clear with freedom to move around the room without stepping over things. Getting your belongings seasonally organised is a game changer – e.g. winter wear packed away under the bed or in matching storage boxes on top of the wardrobe. This way you will create more space in your wardrobe for this season’s clothes.

Make your bed extra inviting

You deserve to sleep in comfort, so if your bed is crying out for some new bed linen, maybe take a look at the beautiful collections from DUSK. If you want a high end, luxurious look without over spending, DUSK offers beautiful quality bedding without the designer price tag. You can choose from luxurious linen, superior cotton, crisp percale or silky sateen. I was delighted to style this post using the fabulous Mykonos duvet and pillowcases,complemented by the super soft and stylish Chamonix throw.

The Mykonos collection is a style of bedding that puts me in mind of holidays – I can imagine this gorgeous duvet cover and pillowcases in a sun-drenched rustic villa! The fabric is 100% cotton and feels sumptuously soft and comfy. The texture is what gives it that lovely charm and character – it also means it’s not going to require lots of ironing to look good!

Apps to create a welcome mood

Sleep meditation, bedtime stories, white noise – there are free apps such as Calm, to help us unwind. If a soothing voice, or the sound of waves gently lapping a shore could help you drift off, why not give them a try? You can also use apps to control the lighting, ensuring your bedroom is as relaxing as possible. Always have a lamp or two in addition to a main bedroom light, as they create a more ambient mood in the evening. Adjusting light levels and even lightbulb colours can all be controlled by your phone, as can setting the right room temperature – you can even control an electric scent diffuser, to ensure the bedroom is filled with your favourite room fragrance whenever you want it!

Neutral and natural decor

Neutral design schemes are very popular at the moment which is a perfect style for the bedroom, being quite soothing and easy to live with. The colour palette won’t overstimulate your senses, but help you to feel calm and cocooned. Choose a neutral colour scheme with walls painted in creams, milky whites or beiges. Neutral carpets or rugs and a few elements of nature such as plants, or even some wall art depicting quiet woodlands or deserted beaches to take your mind away from any worries. You could choose a fantastic neutral wall mural like mine – I really love this feature behind our bed!

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