4 Projects To Carry Out During Your Green Home Renovation

Sustainability is undoubtedly crucial in today’s world as everyone plays their part to make the planet better. New research commissioned by Princes Fish indicates that about one-third of UK households became eco-friendlier last year through basic acts like switching lights off and better recycling. As such, you can also consider making your home eco-friendly to enjoy lower energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Please consider these points if you wish to learn more about projects to carry out during your green home renovation. 

Switch to renewable heating systems

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Taking a natural approach to home heating is as sustainable as it gets, so you can also consider heating your home using renewable options. Heat pumps and wood-fuelled systems are the two major choices worth considering, so keep this in mind. Ground source heat pumps leverage buried pipes to obtain heat for your home’s hot water circuits and heating. Although you may not require planning permission to undertake this project, you will have to accommodate the inconvenience of digging up your garden. Alternatively, you can use wood-fuelled heating units to burn logs and pellets for central heating or warming a single room.

Home insulation upgrades

Adding renewables to your home is almost pointless if your insulation is so poor that heat flows right out. Insulation is critical to any eco-renovation because as high as 40% of your home’s heat loss is due to its lack. Consequently, consider insulating your cavity walls or lot with a wide range of materials ranging from expanding foam to sheep wool. Also, even though solid walls are harder to insulate, you can apply thermal lining within them and fix a layer of insulation to the external walls and cover it in a render. 

In addition, you can also select window options with better insulation to reduce heat gain and loss when appropriate. For instance, AluClad Windows are a better option than aluminium windows because they are made from timber frames that excel at insulating your property. As such, you can explore this guide to AluClad windows to learn more about this durable and efficient window choice for your green home renovation.

Use eco-friendly finishes

You can consider many sustainable paint products if you intend to use paint to touch up your home. Many eco paints are water-soluble and are made with resins and plant oils, with pigments from plant dies or minerals. Also, you can buy eco-friendly wood waxes and varnishes for your home, as well as various green products to clean and prepare walls.

Solar panel systems installation

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The Solar Trade Association estimates that about 900,000 British homes have installed solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Solar PV panels convert sunlight into electricity. Also, these panels don’t require direct sunlight to operate, so you can generate electricity even if it is cloudy. However, you will need to fix them to a wall or roof facing within 90 degrees of the south. You can also install water-based systems that can harness the sun’s energy to warm domestic water. What’s more, you won’t require planning permissions for many systems you may install depending on size unless you reside in Northern Ireland or Wales.

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