4 Ways To Update Your Bathroom

shutterstock_191220512-1The most used room in the house, the bathroom, the place we spend hours soaking in the bath, brushing our teeth and a number of other things. Overtime, this room can look dated, in need of an update and deep clean.

If you are thinking about re-doing yours, stripping it all out and starting again, here are 4 things you can do to update your bathroom without having to pay an arm and a leg for a whole new bathroom.

1 Buy a New Radiator

Yes, this will cost you money but purchasing a new radiator can update your bathroom in so many ways. Not only can it change the style of the bathroom, it can heat the room better, make it feel more welcoming and even hold a number of towels.

The range of Bathroom Radiators at AEL heating means that you can find the perfect one for your style and your bathroom. From a Carson with classic radiator bars, to the Hudson with towel shelves built in as well, you can find anything you need to heat your bathroom in style.

2 Replace the fittings

shutterstock_95487145-1If your bathroom is looking dated, run down and old fashioned then replacing the taps and other fittings is a good idea. This means less hassle of cleaning the old ones and they can easily update your bathroom.

You can find great deals on bathroom fittings and find a range of different styles from traditional and classic, to modern and quirky. With new fittings like taps and showers, you can see not only a difference in the appearance of your bathroom but may also find they work better than your older, out-dated ones did.

3 Re-Decorate With Candles

Adding candles, lights, plants or any other extras to your bathroom can add a number of positives.

With candles, your bathroom will look, smell and feel relaxing when you are in there taking a bath. It can also mask any unwanted odours and help you create a unified colour theme.

Why not try candles with essential oils that are intended to be calming and aren’t too overpowering in the bathroom. This means you can soak in the bath, enjoy the scent of a new candle as your bathroom seems to get a new lease of life.

4 Deep Clean

This might sound like something you have been putting off for months but it is one of the best ways to update your bathroom. Deep Cleaning! With a little elbow grease, bleach and patience, the bathroom can go from looking like a dingy cave, to a gleaming, luxury spa in minutes.

The easiest places to see an improvement to your bathroom is with a thorough clean of taps, shower heads and showers. These are the places that collect the most dirt, rust and other things. On top of this, if you have a mirror in the bathroom, make sure to wipe it using glass cleaner. Say goodbye to any smudges, marks and stains so that you are looking into a brand new mirror every day.

Update your bathroom this season and see what difference it makes for years to come!

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