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5 Questions to ask yourself before redoing your kitchen

kitchen planningWhere do I start?

To make the process easier, painless and straightforward there are a few things to consider before embarking on the challenge of a kitchen renovation. It’s useful to start by considering exactly what functions your kitchen has to serve. For example, does your kitchen double as a dining room? If so, you know you’ll need a table or surface for that purpose. Are you an avid baker? If so, you’re kitchen will need plenty of storage for all the gadgets and ingredients you use – and worktop to spread out on.

Considering these questions will help you understand the specific requirements you have for your kitchen.

How much should I spend?

This will very much depend on a number of factors. Rather than concentrating on how much average kitchen renovations cost, set yourself a budget that you can afford to spend. Spending money is easy, so be mindful of your finances. Plan, plan and plan again!

Do I need to rip the old kitchen out or can I rework the old space?

Usually some things are best kept where they are. For example, if you have a dishwasher in your kitchen, it will save you a lot of time, money and stress to leave it untouched rather than have to re-do all the drain systems, piping and deal with other plumbing issues that might arise. It’s always best to bring in a professional but if you’re looking for a DIY project then the less disruption you can have, the better.

vinyl flooring

What is the best flooring for kitchens?

What flooring you choose for your kitchen, will very much depend on what key purpose your kitchen is serving. The general choice is to stick with surfaces that are easy to clean such as vinyl kitchen flooring, tile flooring and laminate. Hygiene and low maintenance are top considerations (for example no one tends to put carpet in a kitchen!).

What designs are popular in the kitchen world right now?

There are many trends that are sweeping the kitchen design world, from brass and copper taps, to minimal, monochrome designs. What’s important to remember is, just like fashion comes and goes all the time, when it comes to incorporating trends into your new kitchen, maybe consider updating with accessories rather than whole new built-in kitchen units.

Speaking of kitchen units… handle-less kitchen units are a popular choice at the moment!

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