5 Smart Interior-Design Ideas to Better Organize Smaller Spaces

In an ideal world for homeowners, things will automatically sort themselves out and spaces will be tidy all the time. These things can be achieved realistically, but not without smart design ideas and decluttering. When you have too much stuff lying around, you run out of storage and space, so they end up in a pile somewhere. That becomes an eyesore if you’re trying to achieve a particular design aesthetic.

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If you’re in the middle of cleaning and organizing a room or your entire house, it makes sense to declutter to get rid of things you don’t need. You can throw out the excess items, give them away or sell them online for a profit. The last on the list is great for extra funds that can be tucked away for a rainy day. Without further ado, here are ideas on how to organize better.

Pick Smart Furniture

These days, when space in homes is getting smaller, it is wise to pick furniture with storage. You don’t have to go out of your way to add shelves and other organization elements if there are easier ways to go about it. Utilizing every vertical space may work, but when it’s not done right, it may look cluttered or block natural light, which you shouldn’t do when working with a tight space.

Some examples of smart furniture are lifting coffee tables, Murphy wall beds and folding tables, just to name a few. Multipurpose furniture is a smart solution for smaller homes. Sometimes, you will find decor that can do double duty, so think outside the box when deciding on the stuff you want in the room.

Reflect More Light with Mirrors

One of the best ways to breathe life into a room is to have natural light coming in. Light colours make a space look bright and spacious, so it also helps to paint rooms white or similar shades. You can layer white with different textures and patterns to add a little something.

Mirrors are known to make a space look bigger, but they also help reflect light. You can opt for one large mirror on a wall or a layout of smaller ones. Either way, the mirror creates an illusion of more space, and it’s handy to have when you need to check your appearance before going out.

 Fold Away Racks

Finding a place to hang laundry, towels and clothes can be an issue when space is lacking. Folding racks are a great space saver, and you can easily find them in many looks and sizes in stores. You can have one in the bathroom to dry towels and intimates. Another one can be installed in the kitchen for dishcloths.

Dividers Don’t Have to Be Walls

A room divider outlines the floor plan of the home and most houses make use of walls. This can be a problem for smaller living spaces because it can take so much space. Instead of walls, you can use non-permanent partitions that you can move around in case you want to change the layout of the room again.

There are many room dividers you can use or make. Some of the easiest ones are curtains, hanging canvas, folding screens and rolling bookcases. Here is a list of imaginative dividers that you can check out in case you want to make one.

Pocket Doors Are Your Friends

Most doors you see in homes are the swinging types, and they take so much space when installed inside tiny homes. A solution to this is to use pocket doors instead.

There is a type of pocket door with an upper half featuring a glass window. If you don’t want to close off a room from natural light, you can use glass window pocket doors to ensure the light’s continual flow. Pocket doors can even slide to the side when not in use, and they won’t get in the way as much.


You don’t have to compromise style to save space because your home should reflect who you are. You are making a space where you can retreat safely and calmly, and that should be a priority. There are many more smart ways of adding storage while making sure the decor is on a par with your tastes.

Do you have any favorite space-saving design ideas? Share your tips below.

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