7 Ideas for a Trendy Looking Kitchen

Do you think that your kitchen needs to look a bit trendier? Well, with so many options available when it comes to decorating your kitchen, it can be difficult to make any decisions. After all, the best modern kitchen ideas encompass every aspect of décor within the kitchen, right from cooking and entertaining to focusing on the cabinets, worktops and splashback – even storage.

Whether you’ve got a big or a small kitchen, what you need are some great ideas that are sure to work and make your kitchen more beautiful and trendy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Mix the old with the new

You can be smart here and create a perfect mix of the old and new in the kitchen to give it a trendy look. Perhaps you can keep those original wooden beams or brick fireplace to give the room a unique twist. You can incorporate some new design elements that go well with the old.

Place the kitchen table in the centre

When you give the table the central place in the kitchen, it shows that you put your guests at heart. However, you do need adequate space in the kitchen to do so and must have a good clearance space around the table. Add a trend led centrepiece, such as a curvy terracotta vase filled with some fluffy dried pampass grass for an on trend statement.

Add some shine

For an ultra modern look, add some high gloss and shine. Besides stainless steel, you could create a fantastic mirrored island or add some glamour to the place with gold accents. It could be a dazzling statement light fitting that totally steals the show.

Explore and have fun

Don’t be afraid to experiment and make your kitchen a fun place to be in. You could add vibrancy and playful side to your kitchen with some quirky abstract art or contemporary sculptures. Maybe you’ve always fancied having a chalkboard wall – now is the time! Or you could install an amazing gallery wall full of imaginative framed artwork and photos. Have fun and go to town with your decor!

Enhance with some bursts of colour

Expert kitchen designers often add in pops of colour in the kitchen area to make it look modern and trendy. It could be a neon wall sign, a cushion or a vase with flowers or colourful laminate flooring. Those pops of one colour break things up just enough to give an uplift.

Add some green shades

Use those sunny windowsills to place some plants or make space for your very own herb garden and grow your own basil and mint. Planting indoors is possible in the kitchen where there is good natural light and adding those pots with some lovely greens lends a freshness to the room.

Get creative with lights

You could perhaps add an impressive skylight to bring in more light into your kitchen. A well-designed lighting scheme can make even a dull kitchen come to life. You can also place different lights at varying levels to suit the kitchens functions – task lighting where you prepare food and more ambient lighting where you sit to eat. This could be a wonderful overhead pendant light that gives your kitchen the trendy focal feature it needs.

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