A List Of Essential Things You Need To Pack For Your Move

When changing homes, most people move their things in two rounds – their essentials, which they carry with them, and the rest of their stuff, which is usually handled by a professional moving company. If this sounds like the approach that works for you, you also need to know what essentials you should pack for your relocation. 

If you have similar questions, here’s a list of essentials you should have during your big move. 


Make sure you have the keys to both your new home and your current property with you when you move to avoid any inconvenience. You should already have gotten the keys to your new house and done a check of the property, so you won’t be delayed by making small talk with the sellers. Make sure your keys are easily accessible and double-check to ensure you haven’t forgotten them. 

Overnight Bag

As mentioned above, you won’t be carrying all your belongings with you when you move. You can use self-storage today to begin storing your things in preparation for your relocation, and it’s from there that the movers will pick up your stuff. However, there are some things you’ll need to have in order to ensure your first night in your new home is comfortable. 

Ideally, your overnight bag should contain hygiene essentials (toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.), a change of clothes for the next day, pajamas for the night, a book to keep you occupied, and some toys to keep your kids entertained. This should tide you over until your things reach your new home over the next day or two. 

First Aid Kit

You never know when you’re going to be faced with a medical emergency, and it’s essential to have the necessary supplies on hand just in case. You should carry a fully stocked first aid kit with you so that you can treat any small cuts and injuries that may occur when unpacking. Additionally, make sure to carry any medications you’re taking in your kit so that you can take them on schedule. 

Sheets and a Pillow

If you’ve not personally supervised the sheets on the bed is changed, it’s a good idea to carry some with you. While dirty sheets will hopefully not be a problem, it’s always best to be safe instead of wondering where you’re going to sleep that night. 

Basic Cleaning Supplies

Again, a dirty house shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve had time to go over it during cleaning. However, having cleaning supplies on hand can give you some peace of mind in case you come across a stain you hadn’t noticed before or you end up making a mess while unpacking. 

Snacks and Meal Staples

You don’t want to go hungry on moving day! While you can always call for takeout if you need to, having snacks and basic foodstuffs on hand allows you to grab a bite to eat as you feel the need to do so, instead of forcing you to wait until your food delivery gets to you. 

Moving can be stressful, especially if you’ve got a day or two until all your belongings join you in your new home. However, having the essentials mentioned above with you will ensure that this transition goes off as smoothly as possible, and you can enjoy your new house immediately.

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