Declutter Before Moving House in 3 Steps

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Even if you’re a generally tidy and organised person, clutter always finds a way to accumulate. Over the years in our homes, things get stored away never to be used again. Once organised drawers transform into ‘junk drawers’ and generally things can build up if you’re not really careful. When you come to move house, you’re really confronted with the amount of clutter and unneeded items you have- no one wants to move rubbish from one place to another so it’s worth doing a big declutter beforehand. That way you can start fresh in your new home, you can utilise your storage for things you actually need and use, and save time and money by not transporting things you don’t even want. Here’s how you can go about it.

Have a system

Having an organisation system in place makes things so much easier. One way to go about this is to get a couple of big boxes, label them ‘keep’ ‘rubbish’ ‘donate’ ‘sell’ and ‘give to friends’. Go through each drawer and cupboard in each room, sorting things into the boxes. This helps to make decisions easier when you come across items that you’re not exactly sure what to do with. Each time the boxes fill up, move them to where they belong. For example, take the ‘donate’ box to the charity shop or list the items for free on Facebook marketplace. Have friends and family look through the ‘give to friends’ box to see if they want anything, items left over can be donated or sold. You can sell things you’ve put aside on eBay, Facebook or go to boot fares. The money you raise can be useful to put towards moving costs. 

Start early

Once you know you’re going to be moving, it’s worth starting early. Decluttering properly takes time, it’s probably not something you’re going to be able to do in a day. Starting early gives you time to go through things and get yourself into the best possible position. You’ll need to go through wardrobes, paperwork, bed linen, kids toys and so much more- so start when you can. You could even start packing boxes as you go along, pack away items you know you wont need right now. Companies offering mobile storage units will come and collect and store boxes for you, so once they’re packed there’s no worry about them getting in the way until you move. 

Declutter top to bottom

A good way to go about your decluttering journey is by starting at the top of the house and working your way down. This means starting in the attic, which in most homes is likely to be one of the most challenging spaces. Bring down everything and sell, donate or bin what you wont use again. Box up things like Christmas decorations and other essentials that you plan on keeping, and leave them in an organised pile in the attic to grab on moving day. Or put them into self storage so the area is completely clear and ready to go. 

How would you go about decluttering before a house move?

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