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If you are wanting to change your home and garden to make it look more appealing and welcoming then you may not know where to begin. There are many things you can do to your interior and exterior to make them look wonderful and bright. If you are unsure of where to begin then take a look at the article below for more inspiration. 

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One of the first things you might like to change throughout your home is the flooring. If this has been the same since you moved in then it could be looking a bit tired and worn, especially if you have carpets. Carpets are great but they don’t stay looking new for very long once everyone has walked all over them. However, if you are a fan of carpets then you can get darker colors that will stay looking brand new for longer than the lighter colors. If you want something that looks slightly more professional and cleans then you could opt for hardwood flooring. This is much easier to clean and keep clean than carpets. If you have fancy, expensive hardwood flooring then be sure to wax it sporadically throughout the year to keep it new. 


Something else you might want to think about changing is the lighting in your home. If you are switching up the other decor then the original lights might not match this. Take a trip to a local lighting showroom or browse online to find a style of lighting you like. Remember, some lighting is easier to install and change bulbs than others. Spotlights in the ceiling for instance will require you to buy a suction tool when you need to change the bulbs. If you are installing ceiling lights in the living room or bedroom then you might benefit from a dimmer switch as you won’t always want a bright, harsh light shining on you. 


Another thing within your home that you might like to change is the walls. This could be due to the old paint or wallpaper looking worn and dirty. It can be common for light-colored walls to be riddled with fingerprints, especially if you have young children. Decide if you want to replace it with paint or wallpaper and then get to choose your colors. 


Finally, head outside to the garden to see what needs doing out there. There is no point in having a beautiful interior if the garden and exterior of your home don’t match. Think about how the whole house looks from the outside, are the windows clean or does it need a coat of paint? Some houses have paneling that you can paint, while others are just plain brick which is sometimes much easier to look after. If you want to make changes to your garden but aren’t sure how then you could get in touch with a landscape gardener who will be able to give you tips and advice. If you want to create a beautiful path that leads up to your home then get in touch with a company such as Yorkstone paving

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some new ideas on what you can do to your home and garden to make it look amazing. 

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