Essential Staples That Every Summer Wardrobe Needs

Now that the good weather is here, it may be time to take a look at your wardrobe. When you put all of the thick jumpers and winter coats away and get out your summer clothes, you might find that you don’t really like much of the stuff that you have in there or you’ve worn it all so many times that you are bored with it. You might decide that you want to get rid of all of it and buy a whole new summer wardrobe, but that can quickly get expensive. However, you can create a lot of great summer outfits with a few basics, as long as you know how to accessorise them properly. These are the staples that everybody needs in their summer wardrobe. 

Summer wardrobe ideas
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Summer Dresses 

A light dress is the perfect thing for the summer because it keeps you cool while also giving you good sun protection. There are so many great floral dresses that are great for summer fashion, which is all about bold colours and patterns. However, a plain white dress is also a great summer staple because it’s so versatile. Comfort is so important in the summer and a white dress made from breathable material is one of the best ways to stay cool. It gives you a blank canvas to work with and you can use jewellery and scarves to add a burst of colour. If you experiment with different accessories, you can create so many great outfits with a simple white dress. 


summer wardrobe essentials
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Sunglasses are the most essential accessory for the summer because they serve a practical purpose as well. It’s a mistake to go for a cheap pair because they won’t give you the protection that you need, and they won’t look good either. You can get some great Michael Kors glasses that are stylish and give you protection, and if you require a prescription, that is an option as well. When you are picking sunglasses, make sure to consider your face shape and choose a style that works for you. If, for example, you have a very round face shape, a pair of big round sunglasses isn’t right for you. Spend some time trying out different styles and make sure that they ‘re comfortable because you will be wearing them a lot. 


Whether you’re going away somewhere hot or braving the beach here at home, you’ll need a good bikini. Comfort and support are the most important things to consider when choosing a bikini. If you don’t feel supported and you feel self conscious in your bikini, you won’t be able to relax properly. 


Scarves are another versatile summer accessory that you can use to customise outfits in a lot of different ways. If you are on the beach in a bikini and you need some extra coverage, you can drape a scarf around your shoulders. They can be worn around the neck to add a burst of colour to your white dress. They can even be wrapped around the waist and worn as a loose skirt or even a belt. If you get a few different colours of silk scarf, you can create some great outfits with them. 

A White T-Shirt 

Classic white t-shirt
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A white t-shirt is probably the most versatile wardrobe item there is, and it’s useful in the winter as well as the summer. It can be paired with almost anything, and it creates a great base for so many different outfits. Just don’t make the mistake of getting a cheap t-shirt because the quality really makes a difference. A lot of people assume that a white t-shirt is a white t-shirt, but that’s not the case. Invest in a good quality one with a nice fit and a V neckline and you can wear it with jeans, skirts, and shorts. You’ll be wearing it a lot, so you may want to get a few and opt for different lengths. 

A Denim Jacket 

Even though you won’t need a jacket that often in the summer, you can’t always guarantee the weather and if you are out in the evenings, you may get a little cold. A denim jacket is a great option if you just want something casual that you can throw over most outfits. It’ll look equally as good over a summer dress or a jeans and t-shirt combo, and if you go for a classic denim, it will pair with almost all of your outfits. 

As long as you have these essential staples in your summer wardrobe, you will always be able to put a great outfit together.

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