Expert Tips to Refresh and Upcycle Boring Old Clothes

There may be several outfits in your wardrobe that still fit well and look good, but may become boring over time. Sometimes, they fall out of fashion or have a sentimental value which makes certain clothes irreplaceable. If you’re not keen on donating them to charity or handing them down to another person, we have a brilliant idea for you! Environmentally responsible, it contributes to the green initiative. Fast fashion has been a nuisance to our planet, resulting in insurmountable damage due to how quickly these clothes get discarded but take eons to decompose. Upcycling is a great option that turns your beloved clothes, and even the ones you’re bored of, into something beautiful and useful. Here are five hacks to upcycle your clothes and give them a new look:


If you have a lot of solid-coloured t-shirts, scarves, hoodies etc, tie-dying is an amazing option to refresh their aesthetic. There are several kinds of tie-dye options available on the internet that can make a fun activity with your kids to boost their creativity. While the darker-colored clothes can be bleached in tie-dye patterns, the lighter ones can be dyed in your favorite colour combinations.

Try patchwork

There is a charm about using previously loved clothes for patchwork. These can be added to your pair of loose-fitting jeans, a jacket, or even be turned into a quilt. The process is pretty simple, you can cut these clothes into squares and stitch them together into a quilt with more layers inside. If your old shirt is starting to look out of vogue, adding a few creative patches from your old favourites can give it a grunge look.

Combine with new outfits

One of the best options to quickly renew an outfit you don’t like is to add new elements to it. For instance, if there is a skirt in your wardrobe that looks a bit dull, jazz it up by teaming it with embellished Graphic tees. Since graphic tees have been part of the fashion world since the 60s, you can give your dungarees and cargo pants a grunge or rustic aesthetic. All you need to do is select a graphic tee with some beautiful vintage art and match it with your current wardrobe staples for a new look!

Add some embroidered details

You can instantly turn any plain outfit into a beautiful original by adding some embroidery to it. If you are creative and know how to embroider clothes with various kinds of stitches, you can give some fun flowers a chance. Or even easier, add an iron-on embroidered patch to your shirts or jeans.

Turn it into a nifty handbag

Cotton t-shirts and denim outfits can be used way past their utility in fashion. If you’re done wearing them, you can turn them into handbags or carry bags. Some of the t-shirts can also be turned into comfy pillowcases! All you need to know is a basic how to cut and sew.

Final word

Upcycling is not just a display of creativity, but also innovation. If you love to contribute to the planet’s well-being while saving yourself some money, this is a great way to get your hands and mind busy on a free day!

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