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How smart home security is making our life easier

Would you like to improve your home’s security and make your life easier? With today’s technology it has never been simpler, nor more achievable.

Yale smart security

This post highlights some of the real life benefits of installing smart security alarms and cameras from Yale Smart Living, the home security specialists who offer a versatile range of connected, easily programmable products.

Keyless Entry

Having gone keyless with a front door and keypad entry system from Yale a few years ago, I’ve been a fan of smart home security ever since.

Our keypad, an earlier version of the current Yale Smart Living designs, has saved us time and hassle, time and again. Having 3 kids of school age, coming and going at different times, as well as my husband and I, that’s five front door keys we don’t need. We haven’t got to hand out spare keys when we are away, neither, when the cat needs feeding. We all simply input a code to open the door. Occasional users or tradespeople can be given a separate access code that can be cancelled at any time.

I’ve never had to worry about the boys losing their front door key and not being able to get in. We can’t lock ourselves out and that’s a relief (I can remember previously when the front door would slam shut in the wind and I had to either ring my husband at work or climb up onto a bin and through the kitchen window – once when I was pregnant!)

It has been a fantastic addition to our home and a product I’d always recommend.

Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit

With the help of some of my blogger friends, we recently tested a couple of Yale’s popular smart security devices to share our thoughts on their benefits and key features. First up, the Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit. If you’re keen to start building an integrated smart home, this is a really good place to start.

Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary and I have both trialed this product recently. I have found it simple and straightforward to use, especially with the handy Yale Smart Living Home app (which you download to your phone through the App Store or Google Play). It is very user friendly and just by tapping a few buttons you can fully or part alarm your property and disable it again from any location. (There is also a discreet manual keypad to use when you are at home if you prefer.)

It’s a wireless system so not only can you protect your house but also your garage, shed or any other outbuildings you wish, up to a 200m range. There are special pet friendly sensors to avoid animals setting off the alarm. The kit can even detect if someone is attempting to jam the signal (which will trigger the alarm and notify you on your phone). I like that you can keep tabs on your home even when you’re not there – it can even remind you when leaving your house to set the alarm!

I asked Amanda for her feedback:

‘We wanted and needed a home alarm that was reliable, simple but could be adapted, and that’s exactly what we’ve got. We had it professionally installed by Yale (prices start from £220) but it would be straightforward to install for any keen DIY’er. Next on our list is adding a pet friendly motion detector which means our dog Bennett won’t activate it. The Yale Smart Living Home App gives amazing freedom and I’m so pleased we have it. We have both Alexa and Philips Hue lights, which can both be activated via the same app, so adding that extra layer of security. We now have door and window contacts as well as motion detectors around the home that came in the pack, but if you needed more there are different options available to customise it to you and your home.’

All-in-One Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Amanda also trialed the Yale All-In-One Indoor/Outdoor Smart Camera, as did Rachel from Fresh Design Blog. It’s a great standalone product or one to complement your Sync Smart Home Alarm. Such a useful device to keep an eye on what’s going on inside and outside your home, whilst being small and discreet when fitted to an outside wall as you can see below.
Yale camera
Rachel really likes how everything is controlled via the Yale Smart Living Home app: ‘It’s easy to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away. It’s quick and easy to set-up and I love the multi-functions it offers. It’s reassuring to know that you need never miss a parcel delivery, even when you’re not in, or that you can keep an eye on what your pets are up to whilst you’re out.’ She could also see it as being very helpful for people that aren’t physically able to get to the door, but still want to communicate with visitors or delivery people.

Amanda said this about it: ‘The smart camera has some great features, such as being able to two-way talk to callers at your door (useful if you’re having a parcel delivered, but are out and want them to leave it with a specific neighbour, for example) and a built-in security spotlight which can be set to motion detect. It’s also a really nice bonus that the smart camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

She also loves how she can see who came first into the house as she gets a notification (‘checking up on the teen…ha!’) and that the camera provides a view of the whole of the front house, which is handy if you live in a secluded spot. 

Real Life Benefits of Smart Home Security

Hopefully the benefits of having smart home security are clear to see – in summary these are what I see as the main advantages to having this technology in the home:

Being Fully in Control

The latest smart security goes a long way beyond the traditional burglar alarm, where you need to be at your home to activate or disable it. Modern connected systems are so much more sophisticated, yet simple to use, offering greater flexibility. Being able to control your security system remotely through an app on your phone saves time and effort and of course the app can be put on more than one phone too, so all family members can use it.

Yale view app

Ease of Installation

Another advantage of modern smart technology over traditional security kit is the ease of installation. Unlike traditional systems, much of this smart security technology can be installed by you. However, although you don’t necessarily need a fitter, Yale does offer professional installation if you prefer, by an experienced and knowledgeable technician.

Able to check on comings and goings

In terms of lifestyle, having a Yale smart product can really benefit you on a daily basis. Add a smart Indoor WiFi Camera to the home when you want to keep an eye on pets, children or elderly relatives; it can bring a whole new level of reassurance to your day. Meanwhile, versatile indoor/outdoor smart cameras show you who is at the front door so you can give the postie instructions to leave a parcel, or vet someone before allowing entry to the home. It’s pretty powerful technology at our fingertips, designed to give us peace of mind.

Yale house alarm

Extendable Options

Smart home security is not only efficient, effective and a great way to take care of your family, property and possessions, but you can build a complete smart home system incorporating home automation, too. This means being able to adjust the thermostat or switching on appliances via your phone or tablet. You could start by installing a smart alarm, then add a Yale Smart Lock and sync it to control the lock through the app. A Yale smoke detector would be a very good idea, maybe even a panic button – and imagine how easy to turn on lamps with Yale Sync Smart Plugs? Especially if you know you’re going to be home late and would like the house to look occupied.

As mentioned earlier, the system also works with Amazon Alexa and Philips Hue lights.  The options are all there to tailor the system to you and your lifestyle.

All in all, the convenience, protection and peace of mind of having a system like this is evident. It could even add value to your property and I’m looking forward to further developments in the smart home security field in the future. Why not start your journey now, or pin this post for later:

smart home security essentials

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