How To Adapt An Elderly Persons Home

As you start to get a little older, there are many different health problems that arise which make it more and more difficult to keep your independence and live at home on your own. This can be a really upsetting experience, and for many people moving into sheltered accommodation isn’t necessary, as their home can simply be adapted to better suit their needs. So, if you have an elderly relative or friend that’s starting to struggle in their surroundings, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips that you can make the most of today to help them continue their life comfortably in their improved surroundings. 

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The Bathroom

In the bathroom, there are several different additions and changes that can be made in order to create a safe environment. For example, movement becomes ever more tricky as you get older, and this can mean that getting up from the toilet without any help becomes impossible. However, if you simply install some grab bars along the wall, these can be used as a support to a standing position, without the need for anyone else to aid. To add to this, it’s a great idea to install a fold away chair seat inside the shower cubicle, as it can be really tough for people to stand up for such a long amount of time, and this also reduces the chances of slipping over too. 

Getting Around 

One of the largest issues that your elderly relative or friend might face at home is actually getting from one room to the next. It wouldn’t make sense to line every wall with grab bars, but luckily there are many alternatives that can easily do the trick. First of all, a simple walker can provide them with support to lean of whilst walking around, whilst a specialised stair lift can take them from one floor to the next to avoid them tripping or falling and really hurting themselves. There are even professional scooters that can be used on all terrains to break down every barrier they face when struggling with immobility, and a wide range of these can be found over at Mobility Connect.

Adapting an elderly persons home may take a fair amount of time and money, but the improvements they can make to daily life are just so profound, and this makes it all worthwhile. Keeping your independence for as long as possible is really important, and by helping elderly people to make some changes you can ensure that they are as comfortable and happy as they can be for as long as possible. Start by making some adaptations to their bathroom, installing grab bars by the toilet and a fold away seat in the shower. Assess their mobility and make some smart investments, such as a stairlift to move them between floors or a scooter that can get them from A to B with no chance of tripping or falling. 

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