How To Brighten Up A Gloomy Kitchen

A gloomy kitchen can be depressing – and somewhat dangerous (after all, you need to be able to see what you’re cutting and cooking). If your kitchen is too dark, here are just a few improvements that could help to make your kitchen brighter.

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Add more artificial lighting

The obvious solution to a gloomy kitchen is to add more artificial lighting. There are lots of different types of artificial lighting to consider.

If you want to brighten up the recesses below cupboards, you could consider looking into 120v LED strips. These can be great for creating an ambient glow.

You could also consider spot lighting. These individual lights are a little more expensive to install but can be placed anywhere to help brighten up all the corners of your kitchen.

Another option could be track lighting. This involves having multiple lights wired into a single overhead track. These lights can be positioned to point towards different corners of the room so that the whole kitchen is illuminated.

Adding artificial lighting is a job that should only ever be carried out by a qualified electrician. A lighting expert may be able to help you find the best places to position each light so that every part of the room is as bright as possible.

Introduce more natural light

Natural light can be harder to introduce without adding in new windows or extending current windows. However, it could be cheaper in the long run than installing new electric lights.

If there is no room above your kitchen, you could consider adding a skylight. This allows natural light to pour in through the ceiling.

Another option could be to extend any existing windows that you may have on the walls of your kitchen. This may involve having to sacrifice cabinet space, which may not be convenient if you already have a small kitchen.

Make use of reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces will help to reflect light and give your kitchen a brighter feel. There are many different reflective surfaces to consider.

Mirrors are the most obvious way of reflecting light. If you haven’t got space on any of the walls, you could consider installing mirrored cabinets

Chrome steel could be another option. Many people have chrome steel sinks and taps in their kitchen, but you could also consider chrome steel counter tops.

Laminated wood could be another option. This could be used as a reflective flooring choice or it could be used as a material for cabinets and counter tops. Lighter tones of wood are better for brightening up the room.

There’s also the option of using reflective paints. High gloss paints are great at offering a reflective quality and could be used to paint cabinets and walls with. Just make sure to stick to brighter colours.

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