How To Design Your Dream Kitchen Without Compromising On Storage

Designing your dream kitchen is as much about planning the storage solutions and practicality as it is the aesthetics. This is your opportunity to fulfil your wildest kitchen fantasies and justify them through practical storage solutions. From cutlery trays to pull out larders, inject functionality into your dream kitchen and wave goodbye to messy cupboards and cluttered countertops. Even the smallest spaces can benefit from innovative kitchen storage solutions.

Corner units

Corner kitchen units

Don’t think of corners as a waste of space, add corner units! In the corner of your kitchen, you will be surprised about how much dead space is being wasted, so if space is an issue for you, make sure to check those corners. By integrating a pulley system and attaching shelving to the cupboard door, you can utilise the space without reaching the back of the cupboard. Attaching runners to shelves in cupboards means you can get the space of a drawer without the boxy front. With even more cupboard storage, you can keep your countertops less cluttered. A great way to make your kitchen look bigger is to declutter your worktops. Having a few everyday items and a few on-theme decorations will make the space look brighter, less cluttered and make it a lot easier to keep clean!

Drawer Organisers

kitchen drawers

Everyone has one, the eyesore of every kitchen, full of takeaway menus, spare batteries and loose change for the window cleaner. Of course, I’m talking about the messy drawer. Why not use your kitchen makeover as a reason to get rid of the messy drawer and get some organisation into your life. Drawer organisers are the perfect way to ensure everything has a place and isn’t spilling out onto the sides or the floor. If you know something has a designated place, you’re more likely to put it away than leave it on the side, collecting dust until you use it again. There’s no limit on the amount of organisation your drawer storage can give you. Why not maximise your space by transforming one large drawer into sectional internal drawers? The layering effect utilises the space given and eliminates the chance of dead space being wasted. It also means you can use one drawer for more than one purpose. For example, if you live alone, you’re not going to need as many pots, pans, tableware and cutlery as a family of 4, so having designated sections in one drawer will prevent you from wasting space by designating a whole cupboard just for three pans.


kitchen pullouts

The perfect way to keep your kitchen from looking cluttered is to invest in pullouts. They’re cupboards that slot into any size area and can store anything from condiments to baking trays utilise the space and keep your countertops empty. Change the attachments inside your pullouts depending on the items you’re most likely going to need storage for. Include a base unit for taller, thinner items that can be filed away like baking trays or recipe cards. Suppose you’re looking for storage for condiments or cooking sauces in bottles. In that case, you can create a two-tier shelving solution to enhance the space. If tea towels lying around or hanging on the cooker drives you mad, solve the problem with a pullout. Creating a hanging rack for your tea towels not only stores them away neatly but means you’ll always know where to find one, double problem solver!

And there you have it, three innovative ways to get your dream kitchen without compromising on storage. No matter the size of your kitchen, at German Kitchen Specialists, the team of highly skilled designers will make your wildest dreams come true, get in touch today and start designing!

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