How To Find Yourself In Southwest England

The Southwest is one of the most exciting places in all of Britain and home to some of the country’s most accessible adventuring destinations. Connected to London and the rest of the country via the M4, this part of the world is a place for challenging yourself. The natural history and environment help you to feel alive. 

So what’s there to do in this part of the world? When people visit the Southwest, how do they find themselves? Let’s take a look at some of your options. 

Cycle To Land’s End In West Cornwall

Land’s End might look just like any other parcel of coastline in the UK, but it has special significance. It is the furthest west you can travel on the mainland before reaching the boundaries of our civilisation. It is where home ends, and the rest of the world begins: the place where our ancestors looked out over the open ocean and imagined a better life for themselves.

Land’s End, however, isn’t just a place of geographical significance – it is also an exciting location for nature lovers too. Small atolls dot the ocean and there are the sandbars of Pedn Vounder, close to Porthcurno which are well worth checking out. You can also go to local Bronze Age sites, like the little known Boscawen-Un stone circle, if you’re a history buff. 

Take A Group Trip To Purbeck In Dorset

Bournemouth and Weymouth are two of the most popular beach destinations in the Southwest and can get fairly crowded during the summer months. That has left many people looking for more secluded spots. 

You can now get coach trips from Portsmouth for groups that will take you pretty much anywhere you like in the region. You and your friends, therefore, don’t have to make do with the popular tourist hotspots. You can head off to the cliffs of White Noche down the coastline, instead. Here, you’ll find a smuggler’s path carved through the rocks that leads you down to a beautiful beach and a series of rock pools. There’s also plenty of opportunities for activities like snorkelling. 

Once you’ve had enough of the beach, you can head over to Dorfe Common and bask in the environs of a nearby Normal Castle. It’s an excellent place for a picnic in the late evening. 

Explore The Mendip Hills

If you want a quintessential experience of old England, then nothing can quite compare to the Mendip Hills. Here you’ll find all sorts of life-affirming activities. 

When it comes to sunsets, you’re spoiled for choice in this part of the world. If you’re in the area of Cheddar, then take a hike up either Westbury Beacon or Deer Leap in the late afternoon. Then look out west and wait for the sun to dip beneath the horizon. 

For those who want to stretch their legs, the Mendips feature a six-mile circular walk that runs from Cheddar Gorge – the deepest canyon in the country, and then back to the Black Rock car park. 

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