How To Make Your Living Room Cosy In Time For Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner, and you may be preparing to host Christmas this year for your friends and family. After the year that we’ve had, with the pandemic in full force, it feels like this Christmas should be about spending time with those that we love and end the year on a high note. You may be thinking about how you can spruce up your living room in time for Christmas to make it a warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere for you and your guests. Today, we’ve got some amazing ways you can make your living room cosy in time for Christmas.

Use a real Christmas tree

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There’s nothing quite like a real Christmas tree, and it might be something you consider this year when putting up decorations for Christmas. A real Christmas tree will add a comforting sense of homeliness to your living room, and the pine smell the tree naturally emits will delight your guests. Pair that with some cinnamon candles or pot pourri and your living room will smell divine. Not only that, real trees are naturally fuller than artificial trees and will look more festive! Why not pick out a new colour scheme for your baubles and tinsel this year to make Christmas extra special?

Update your sofas

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Your living room is used for relaxation and entertaining, and it’s very likely that your guests will want somewhere comfortable and relaxing to sit after a delicious Christmas meal. If you’re thinking of getting a new sofa this year, take a look at the best sofas for autumn and winter so that you can tie everything in with your current decor, keeping your home looking smart and cosy.

Dig out your winter furnishings

During the warmer months, it’s likely you’ve switched to lighter furnishings to keep your home nice and cool, and now is the time to dig out your winter furnishings! Hang thicker curtains to help retain heat and create a cosy atmosphere, and scatter cushions for maximum comfort. You might consider adding a thick rug to create a warm and cosy atmosphere for you and your guests.

Add a sense of warmth to your decor

If you’ve got a cool or neutral colour scheme in your living room, then you may be looking at ways to make it feel and look warmer over the winter period. Adding warm coloured accessories will help create a cosy looking room, and you may even consider adding an electric fireplace insert to create the illusion of warmth whilst emitting heat at the same time. They’re super cosy and will improve the overall feel of your living room, especially during the winter months.

Finally, for extra festive vibes, consider adding garlands to your shelves to add a super Christmassy feel to your living room this year.

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Making Christmas special is always a priority in people’s minds, but after this year, let’s end 2020 with those we love the most in a cosy, warm, and welcoming environment. Merry Christmas!

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