How to Prepare Your House for a Split-Type AC Installation

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An air conditioning system helps regulate the temperature inside the house, making it more comfortable for the family. It also prevents sickness that could be brought about by excessive heat. Some ACs have amazing features like air ionisers that can help kill bacteria and viruses, promote better sleep, and relieve stress. There are different types of air conditioners, and one of the most popular used in households is the split-type AC system. It can be a single-split AC or multi-split AC system.

Both types operate the same way, except that a single-split AC requires one indoor unit for each outdoor unit, whereas a multi-split AC system only needs one outdoor unit for multiple indoor units. Either way, you need a professional for the installation. Doing this yourself is not a risk you want to take, as it could affect the system’s performance. It may work inefficiently, need frequent repair, and cause an increase in the energy bill. Leave it to the local experts to ensure timely and proper installation. If you reside around the East Sussex area, an air conditioning Brighton specialist would be a great choice. You’ll also get quick help if you need so in the future.

Although it’s the technician who will install the split-type AC system in your home, there are still things you must do as a homeowner to prepare your space for the project. After all, you are the one who knows the property best.

Determine where to place the indoor and outdoor unit

Before even buying a split-type air conditioner, find the best spot to install it. As mentioned, it has an indoor and outdoor unit, so you should consider both. For the indoor unit, since it will be wall-mounted, find an area to maximise the distribution of the cooled area. For instance, if it’s in the living room, it would be ideal if it’s somewhere around the centre, so it equally reaches all corners of the space. It should also be about eight to ten feet away from the floor. Consider accessibility so that it won’t be a problem for future cleaning or maintenance. For the outdoor unit, it should be somewhere that facilitates proper airflow. If you don’t have an open space for this, another option is to install it on the external wall as long as it can hold the unit.

Ensure the wall can carry the weight of the unit

Ensure your wall is sturdy enough to carry the indoor unit’s weight. A false or fake wall does not have the strength to support the unit, so it should not be an option. The technician would not know which walls are fake, so you should guide them with that.

Keep the outdoor and indoor units close

Cooling your home is easier if the outdoor and indoor units are closer to each other. Ideally, they should be within 15 metres apart, as anything more than that could significantly affect the cooling.

Consider these things for your split-type AC installation at home to ensure maximum efficiency of the system and keep it working properly for the longest time.

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