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These days, interior design isn’t all about aesthetics, and it’s no longer simply a case of buying what looks good.  There’s a number of other factors to consider – from durability and ease of cleaning, to our home’s impact on both the environment and your wallet.

We can no longer deny the impact or existence of climate change, and homeowners are under more pressure than ever to make sure that their choice of design causes as little damage to wider world as possible – and by following these tips, you too can make sure that your home is both stylish whilst also remaining economical and leaving as small a carbon footprint as you can.

Start by decorating using designs from nature’s own canvas – plants and flowers.  Not only do they look beautiful and give you house a natural extension from the garden into the heart of your family’s home, when plants respire they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and release oxygen in its place.  This automatically makes your home a weapon against global warming, as well as making your living room feel brighter and more energising.

Opting to use wood from sustainable sources will also have an impact. Whilst products made from plastic tend to be cheaper and lighter, they are also formed from hydrocarbons which produce a host of greenhouse gases throughout their manufacturing process. Wood, also has a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance and will last for longer – even if it requires the occasional spot of polishing every now and then.

Energy efficient lighting is also a must, with compact fluorescent lights saving energy (and therefore cash) as well as reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses and pollutants which can be harmful to your health and the environment. The same principle applies for your heating, but this can be a trickier one to negotiate as cheaper, more efficient options are not widely available.

Verismart however, have produced a line of electrical radiators which can both protect the environment and help you save money.  If you’re sick of wasting money and are wondering what size radiator you actually need in each of your communal rooms then you can use this heating calculator to work it out.  Each stylish and size-appropriate unit operates with a super-accurate thermostat, meaning that you will always have sufficient heat in each room without having to keep the heating on for too long: good for your bank balance, good for the planet.

Energy efficient windows will help to maximise this heating system’s effect, and wool-stuffed organic materials will help to keep the heat inside your home rather than dissipating into the environment- all of which will mean the heating has to be on less often.

It’s said that you sometimes have to speculate to accumulate – and this is as true in interior design as it is in business – but by making even just a few of these changes, the money that you save on your bills will have you wondering why you didn’t incorporate them sooner.  So what are you waiting for?  Have a look around your home the next time a utility bill lands on your doormat, and see what you can do to make a difference for both yourself and the environment.

This post was written by Charlotte Norman

© Copyright 2015 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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