Personalised water bottle

Reader Offer: Love Island Water Bottle Stickers from Apex Stickers

When I was growing up there wasn’t nearly as much personalised merchandise around as now and it was impossible to find anything with my name on it which used to bug me! Fast forward to now and so many things are customisable, you can easily get any name or slogan put on gifts, clothing, stationery, jewellery etc.
Personalised water bottle

The latest craze is for personalised water bottles, like the ones featured on TV’s Love Island. Do you know anyone watching the show who would love to have their own personalised name water bottle sticker? If so, these ones from Apex Stickers could be the perfect gift for them!

Low cost and easy to apply, with text in the ‘Love Island’ style, you can choose from 22 great colours (including the show’s Fuschia Pink for super fans). You simply choose the colour you like from the drop down box and put the required name in the comment box when ordering (or send an email once you’ve placed your order).

The pack includes one sticker, approximately 10cm x 5cm depending on the name chosen. (Water bottle not included.)

Precision cut from premium quality vinyl, the Love Island Text Personal Name Water Bottle Sticker is made from semi-permanent self-adhesive vinyl which will bond with most smooth surfaces.

Apex Stickers don’t only make name stickers, though; they’ve got a range of great wall stickers, too, which can transform a home, so why not check them out? The water bottle stickers can also be easily removed leaving no damage to paintwork or other surfaces which makes them perfect for rented properties or temporary decorations. The vinyl is 100% non hazardous so it’s perfectly safe for use in children’s rooms or anywhere else.

I was sent a few sample stickers to try and loved using them! They’re really easy to apply and the finish looks professional. I want to personalise everything now! Here’s how I placed the sticker on my water bottle:

Step 1

Ensure surface is clean, smooth and dry. You can use a lint free cloth, or I used a baby wipe to clean my water bottle and let it dry for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Smooth the sticker with a credit card to ensure the vinyl is properly adhered to the backing tape.

Step 3

Peel back the backing paper carefully – if the lettering sticks a little, use your nail to ease it back into place.

Water bottle stickers

Step 4

Position the sticker where you want it and apply

Step 5

Use your fingertips to smooth it out and ensure it is well stuck down

Step 6

Finally you can peel off the backing tape and there you have it! A cool, personalised water bottle.

Love island water bottle stickers

I used another name sticker on my notebook which I think looks really good too! What other items can you think of where you could place one of these fun, colourful name stickers? Phone case for example?

15% Offer

Apex Stickers are kindly giving readers of #tidylife a 15% discount from now until the end of July 2019, so if you want to order some personalised name stickers, now is the time! Take advantage of this great offer by using the code TIDYAWAYTODAY15 when you shop.

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