Scrabble vs. Words With Friends: Which One Is Superior?

Scrabble and Words With Friends are the two most popular games. Words With Friends has more than 13 million active users monthly. It is similar to Scrabble, which made its debut back in 1938.

However, there are several differences between these two games. You have to implement different strategies and types of words in both games. 

Words With Friends has a better app than Scrabble because of its sleek design, mini-games, and better user base. But is the game better than Scrabble? Let us find out.

1) Dictionaries

One primary difference between Words With Friends and Scrabble is their dictionaries. It is not noticeable at first, but you notice it as you keep playing the game. Scrabble uses a dictionary from Hasbro, while Words With Friends use a social or public dictionary ENABLE and their own words.

So, what difference does it make? The dictionary or dictionaries of Words With Friends have some inconsistencies. For instance, you can use the word Dongle in it, but it does not allow you to use Dongles.

Similarly, it allows you to play acronyms like TFW and BFF but does not allow you to use OMG and LOL. It makes the game unpredictable at times. You never know if it is going to accept the words, plurals, or acronyms or not. 

2) Words With Friends Gives You Fewer Bonus Points for Using All Letters

You earn a 50-point bonus in Scrabble if you manage to play a word that uses seven tiles. It is also called a Bingo. You can get 1-2 Bingos in every game if you are good at Scrabble.  

Several players make strategies around these Bingos to maximize their chances to win the game. Players also use online tools to find such words. You can also use an app or website to find words with more letters that give you high scores. Smaller unique words can also come in handy if used properly. This page is very helpful if you want to learn high-scoring four-letter words for your next game.

On the other hand, Words With Friends only give you 35 points if you use all letters. Bonuses make both these games exciting, and awarding fewer points fades the excitement. So, playing Bingos in Words With Friends does not make much sense because you can score more points by playing shorter words.

3) Difference in the Board layout

The board layout is also a primary difference in both these games. Scrabble and Words With Friends have different numbers of bonus squares. Both these games have these squares at different positions too. So, you will need different strategies in both games. 

The center square in Scrabble counts as a double word giving an edge to the first player. Words With Friends accepts the central square as a regular square/word. It does not give an edge to the player starting first.

Words With Friends has 16 triple-letter and 12 double-letter squares, while Scrabble has 12 triple-letter squares and 17 double-letter squares. So, you have to focus more on using a single-letter word with higher points in Word With Friends. On the other hand, you have to focus more on the word length while playing Scrabble. 

4) The Number of Players

Mobile gaming has changed the way we play board games. Scrabble Android game allows up to four players to play simultaneously. You might find the board a bit cramped, but it is a party game, so expect nothing less from it.

On the other hand, Words With Friends only allows two players simultaneously. Some people feel that playing with four friends is only a USP because playing with one friend is more fun.

5) Bluffing 

Bluffing is an integral part of the Scrabble strategy. When you run out of good-scoring words, you can make a word up and try your luck. You can make up a fake word that sounds real. This trick works several times. It is also a valid tactic that your opponent can use too.

Words With Friends does not allow you to bluff. You can not make a word up to trick the AI of this game. Words With Friends game does not let you complete your turn if you use a fake word. It is because of the automatic dictionary it uses. 

Wrapping Up

Both games are equally fun to play, but some people  like Scrabble more because of the word consistencies and bluffs it allows. If you rarely play with four friends, that feature is not so much convenient for you. 

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