The Benefits Of Installing Roman Shades In Your Living Space


Have you been looking through different home décor pages online lately for the best window treatment for your living space? Have you been able to make your choice yet?

To help you out in your search, this post aims to remind you of a fantastic window treatment you’ve probably heard of or seen multiple times – the humble Roman shades. Although simple at first glance, they offer numerous advantages that you can find interesting. They include the following:

  • Roman Shades Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Any window treatment can offer an additional aesthetic value to your house’s windows and living space. Nonetheless, Roman shades are said to be among the most aesthetically pleasing to look at and to have at home. The materials usually used to make Roman shades, such as synthetic fibre and natural fabric, effortlessly add a unique flair to your living space’s theme. 

Bare windows can be a bore to look at. If you install window treatments like Roman shades today, you can make your living space a much more exciting space to stay in. You can utilize custom Roman shades to project your personality into your living space’s aura and look. 

  • Having Roman Shades Offers You Privacy

Installing a window treatment like Roman shades to your living space’s windows offers you and your loved ones a certain level of privacy that you can rely on. 

You can select from different Roman shades materials to fit the level of privacy protection you want for your household. There are sheer Roman shades that offer very minimal privacy protection. 

Suppose you want total privacy for your family. In that case, you can select blackout Roman shades made from thicker materials. This type of window treatment lets you keep your nosey neighbours at bay.

  • They’re Timeless And Versatile Style-Wise

If you don’t want your home to look dated or you don’t want to follow home décor trends, you can make use of Roman shades as your house’s primary window treatment. 

Because of their straightforward design, Roman shades can fit any design theme of a given era in home décor design. Besides, they can be used in almost any room or space in your home, thanks to their basic design premise. You can have Roman shades installed in your primary bedroom, living room, and so on. Talk about versatility and timelessness. 

  • You Can Control The Amount Of Light That You Let In With Roman Shades

With Roman shades, you can control the amount of light that you allow from outdoors. This fact can be very significant in certain instances. 

Consider the following. If you want total darkness in a given room, say your and your partner’s room, you can pick Roman shades with thicker and darker material. With this window treatment type, you can stay up late with your beloved in bed without worrying about the sun casting its warm light on the two of you and bothering the restful sleep the two of you are having. 

As another example, think about your living room. You can pick Roman shades that are made of materials with medium thickness to allow a moderate amount of sunlight from outside. On the other hand, if you want a sunny and airy living room, you can go with Roman shades with sheer materials. 

Besides the Roman shades’ material, you can control the amount of light you let in with their operating mechanism. You can lift the Roman shades’ material shade upwards by pulling their lift string. 

The amount of light you let in from outside depends on how high up you raise the material shade relative to the window where the Roman shades are installed. If you want maximum sunlight, you ought to pull the shades all the way up. For less sunlight amount, you can slowly slide down the material shades until you find the perfect amount of sunlight based on your liking.

  • Roman Shades Are Relatively Cheaper Compared To Other Window Treatment Options

Compared to other window treatment options available in the market, Roman shades are much cheaper. They’re the more cost-efficient window treatment option to go with for your home, hands down, because they only cost a few tens of dollars per window and can be installed on your own. Installation instructions are usually included with the Roman shades upon purchase, and with a few simple house tools, you can easily install them at home

If you’re planning to switch all of the old window treatments that you have at home or install Roman shades on all of your house’s bare windows, you can contact a Roman shades installer that can do the work for you. They can offer competitive pricing packages that make economic sense for financially conscious homeowners like you. To add, these companies offer warranty guarantees on their products – meaning you can have your Roman shades repaired or even replaced if a mishap occurs within your warranty validity with no extra cost. 

In Conclusion

Roman shades, indeed, are a smart choice for your living space’s primary window treatment. They add aesthetic value to your home, provide you and your family with differing levels of privacy, control outdoor light, and others. Want to enjoy these awesome benefits today? Hop on online to go through a sea of various Roman shade designs available. And don’t hesitate to reach out to a home décor expert near you to help you pick the Roman shades that best fit your house. 

Lena Achebe

Lena Achebe is a licensed interior designer specializing in home interior décor and layout. They have helped hundreds of clients across the country turn their residences into warm and cozy homes. In their spare time, they like to go to their local café and have a chitchat with fellow cafegoers.

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