The new Vax Blade Cordless 32V Vacuum Cleaner & a Giveaway!

Vacuuming – sigh.    I loathe dragging a heavy machine around the house, up and down the stairs – it’s not exactly a treat, as much as I like clean floors.

I’ve also had the added disadvantage of lower back trouble recently, so vacuuming with a conventional machine doesn’t feel like a good thing for me to be doing right now.

For a while I’ve been eyeing up the lighter, hand held cleaners on the market and wondering if they are up to the job of coping with our household where there are 5 humans and 2 felines!  So when Vax got in touch to say they had recently launched the new Blade Cordless 32V – a versatile hand held cleaner which promises to be as powerful as a corded vacuum – offering #tidylife the chance to try it out I was thrilled.  Even more so when they said they’d have an extra machine to give away, as an exclusive prize for one lucky #tidylife visitor.  (More on how to win at the end of the post.)

Vax Blade Cordless UK

About The Vax Blade Cordless 32V

This vacuum is a very compact design.  Light and easy to handle, the fact it is also cordless is a big bonus – no more cables getting snagged under a door or a chair.  And no more tripping hazard!

Win a Vax Blade Cordless

This unit looks stylish and modern, plus it is plenty powerful for everyday vacuuming and capable of handling multi-surface cleaning.  With a 32V Lithium battery it can run for 45 minutes which is ample time to clean the house without re-charging.

The secret behind the design is Vax’s new DIRECT HELIX TECHNOLOGY™ which according to Vax, ‘provides three-dimensional support inside the horizontal dirt bin and delivers a direct air path from the floor to the cyclone.’

Cordless Vacuum Vax

Utilising smart technology, it is able to instantly tell you how much power is remaining and when you need a bit of extra ‘oomph’ you can go into Boost mode for cleaning up stubborn dirt and debris with just the touch of a button.

Rechargeable vacuum cleaner

Of course, being so comfortable and manoeuvrable, the Vax Blade Cordless 32V can clean not only the house easily, it’s also ideal for holiday homes, cars, caravans, sheds, summerhouses etc as the powered floor-head finds all floor surfaces a breeze.  You can even attach it directly to the handheld part, removing the long wand and using it in its shortened version to clean stairs, car boots, upholstery – its great for removing pet hair in this mode too.  Or put the wand back on and use it to get to those high up places and low down hard to reach spots and tight corners, too.

My Verdict

This cord free machine feels great to use – you’re not at all hindered as is normally the case when you are vacuuming.  Having thoroughly tested the Blade, I found it easy to control, it has good suction and is versatile enough to use around the whole home.  It’s not too noisy and is ideal for quick clean ups, great to use under chairs, sofas and beds, etc.  I used to dread vacuuming the stairs, but don’t feel like that now I know I can give them a swift going over without breaking into a sweat.

Its easy to empty the 0.6L capacity dirt chamber.  I wondered if I’d be constantly emptying it as it’s relatively small, but specks of dust and dirt don’t take up much room after all, so you’re good for a while.  There’s a removable filter for cleaning and the whole thing is just labour saving and super convenient to use.

If you wall mount the holder you can pop the cleaner back into place when you’re finished – make sure you locate it near a plug socket so you can put it on charge when you need to (it has a four hour fast charge).  I’m delighted with this vacuum!

The Vax Blade Cordless normally retails at £299.99, but is currently on offer at £179.99 over on the Vax website – you’ll also get a tool kit worth over £50, too:

For more information you can visit or call the Vax Customer Careline on 0330 026 8455.  Alternatively, why not have a go at winning your own Vax Blade – details below.

Vax Blalde Cordless Review

Win A Vax Blade Cordless in our Latest Giveaway!

Please note this giveaway has now ended.


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