Using Your Computer To The Max (It’s Three-sy P-sy)

Your computer is a valuable tool in business and recreation. So, having invested heavily in the right desktop or laptop for your requirements, how do you unlock its full potential?

Paying attention to the three Ps below will keep you on the right track for many years to come. 


Computers are incredibly powerful products. But they are regularly targeted by fraudsters looking to infect the systems with trojans, ransomware, and viruses. Unfortunately, allowing cybercriminals to break through your defence could lead to serious problems. The list of potential issues covers everything from slower speeds to stealing private info. 

Prevention is always the best form of cyber protection. The goalposts are constantly moving. As such, understanding the latest privacy features is particularly vital. Persisting with outdated methods will only provide protection from a limited number of threats. For the sake of your sanity as well as the computer, only a comprehensive and updated approach will suffice. 

Without protection, the positive steps made elsewhere will become redundant too. Get these issues under control before doing anything else, and you’ll have a far stronger platform to build upon. 


Computers can carry out millions of processes every second. Ultimately, though, it’s primary function is to ensure that you can complete the right tasks in the quickest time. Therefore, focusing on the machine’s ability to aid your productivity is vital. Investing in software powered by AI, machine learning, and analytics will put you in the best position. 

Perhaps more importantly, you need to configure the computer so that it is built to help you stay productive. Using split-screen technology is a particularly smart option. Visit to learn more. In addition to this idea, you can think about setting desktop shortcuts and a web browser home page. Even those small gestures make a big impact. 

When we think about maximising the computer’s performance, we actually want to maximise our own productivity. Make the necessary changes and it will happen.


The right layouts, software, and protection will give you a push in the right direction. Still, those features count for very little if the computer isn’t fit for purpose. The performance features need to be of the highest possible standards. Otherwise, the system will continue to crash, slow down, or refuse the operations that you want it to complete. 

There are many situations in which you’ll need to accept that an entirely new computer will be needed. In many cases, though, adding more RAM or cleaning your hard drive can make a big difference. Visit to add more storage. Depending on the system and intended usage, graphics cards and other upgrades may be required. For most standard uses, this won’t be necessary. 

When the computer is tailored to your specific requirements, the rewards are huge. As long as you pay attention to the situation for the long haul, those benefits should last too. 

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