What is a Tubing Mascara and Which One Should I Buy?

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If like me you are a make-up wearer, and in particular a mascara lover, you need to try a tubing mascara!

My friend introduced me to this particular type of mascara and I am a total convert. So let’s look at what makes a tubing mascara different and which ones I have tried and would recommend:

What is tubing mascara?

Unlike regular mascaras, which apply pigment to the eyelashes, a tubing formula wraps around your individual lashes in little polymer tubes. That sounds a bit freaky and like it would look or feel weird, but it’s not and it doesn’t.

Why is it so good?

Tubing mascara is smudge proof and has real staying power – we’re talking 24 hour mascara here. Put it on in the morning and once it’s dry after a minute or two, it won’t flake, run or budge until you are ready to take it off. It is perfect if you want a sweatproof and waterproof mascara. Wear it at the gym, when swimming or out running in the rain and it won’t smudge. In my experience, tubing mascara feels silky and easy to apply and gives an enhanced look that is still natural. You can build it up, but you do have to work fairly quickly, as once it dries and you attempt to add more it can start to look a little clumpy.

How do you take it off?

I always struggled to take off traditional mascara effectively. The under eye area is delicate and you don’t want to be rubbing and scrubbing at it. If you’ve ever made your eyes sore from taking off mascara and still been left with those dark ‘panda eyes’ beneath your lower lids, you’ll understand the frustration!

A tubing mascara only requires warm water applied with a flannel or cloth and a bit of gentle friction to remove it. The ‘tubes’ of mascara then lift off and ‘peel’ away from the lashes. You are left with little bits of mascara on your face cloth that look a bit like spidery legs! It’s quick and quite satisfying to massage off the tubes and you will be left with clean lashes and no dark circles under your eyes. If you’re a contact lens wearer like me, I obviously just ensure I have removed my lenses before taking off my eye make up!

The tubing mascaras I have tried

I have tried three different brands of tubing mascara. As and when I try more, I’ll make sure to add them to this post.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

This is the first one I tried after my friend recommended it and I love it. In the photo you can see I’ve applied it to my left eye only.

From the nice looking silver grey container to the small wand that makes it easy to apply and get around all of your lashes, no matter how small. It has a nice, silky consistency that coats well. It adds depth and impact without too much drama – perfect for a daytime look. I simply can’t fault this product for every day wear. The regular price is £21 for a 6ml tube, but All Beauty currently have it in Black Onyx for £16.40 which is a great price. It is also available in Dark Chocolate.

Poppy Sloane Tres Chic Mascara

Top picture before mascara, bottom picture after using Poppy Sloane – this mascara is available online and is the second brand of tubing mascara I tried. The Poppy Sloane Tres Chic Mascara Reformulated comes in smart and simple black packaging. It lifts, curls and coats eyelashes well and gives a wide eyed and awake look. The formulation feels creamy and conditioning as you apply and once dried it is 100% smudge, tear and sweatproof. It is free from nasties and is vegan and cruelty free. I find this mascara similar to the lash power one in terms of coverage and application – perhaps even a little more volumising. This is a great, reliable make up bag staple and a good intro to tubing mascara. A 6ml tube costs £15, but if you fancy giving it a try make sure you use my discount code thisistidylife10 to receive 10% off at Poppy Sloane.

No 7  Stay Perfect Mascara

Wearing No 7 Stay Perfect Mascara in black on both eyes in this picture. With this mascara, you get a choice of black or black/brown in a 7ml tube for £13.00. It is smudge/flake/sweat/humidity/tear proof. I find I am able to evenly coat my lashes with the short and flexible brush and it gives good coverage. A really good all round make-up bag essential from the No. 7 make up counter at Boots.

So that’s my round up of the tubing mascaras I have tried and I have to say all three impressed me and as someone who likes to work out, run, sweat and cry sometimes, I will probably not be going back to normal mascara!

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