What local amenities should I look for when buying a house?

Buying a house is one of the most important and complicated things you may do in your life. Endless paperwork, property chains, mortgage applications and dealing with solicitors – it’s all for a good reason. The result of all that work and preparation should be a home that you can call your own and that supports your lifestyle. You may prefer an older property or want to buy one of the new houses on the market. Either way, the house needs to be right for you. 

One thing that you can’t afford to forget when dealing with everything else is local amenities. The property you are looking to buy should provide you access to fundamental amenities such as shops, schools, transport and leisure facilities – but everyone will need different things depending on their situation. So, what basic local amenities should you look for when choosing a house to buy? 


Everyone needs to eat properly to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so local shops or superstores are an essential amenity for all. A local convenience store may do the trick in a smaller village, but a larger supermarket in a neighbouring town will be important so you don’t have to drive too far for your weekly shop. You’ll also not want to be too far away from other types of shops such as pharmacies and retail outlets if you need anything specifically. 


Hospitality venues and businesses often add character to a local area. Pubs, takeaways and restaurants can really bring a neighbourhood to life and usually add to the quality of living for local residents. Perhaps look out for a local pub within walking distance or try to establish your local Chinese takeaway while you are house hunting. 

Sport and Leisure Facilities 

Similar to hospitality venues, sports and leisure facilities can add massively to your quality of life. These offer respite from your daily routines and responsibilities, allowing you to relax and get some exercise in. Gyms, tennis courts and swimming pools are all nice options to have in your local neighbourhood – or maybe you simply want some open countryside to run or walk in. 


For those who have kids, or who plan to in the future, schools should be an important factor to consider. Catchment areas can be tricky to define, so ensure that you know what schools are offered in the local area and what transport options your kids will have. 


Transport links are always a good amenity to think of, even if you have a car. They will help when friends or family are visiting, or if you’re going away on holiday when you don’t want to drive to the airport. If anyone in your household doesn’t drive, transport links might be essential to get to work or school. 

These are some of the basic local amenities that you should be considering when buying a house. You may have specific responsibilities or circumstances that mean you require more, but ensure that you factor these in during the house hunting process. 

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