Why Are Timber Doors So Popular?

Walking down the street in any bigger city, you’ll probably notice that many buildings are fitted with solid wooden doors, regardless of their architectural style. Developers, building owners and managers always carefully choose the front door – and they often opt for a timber one. Why is that? Certainly, the first advantage of wooden doors you notice is the timeless elegance of the natural material, which cannot be imitated by plastic. A cleverly designed timber door will also go with almost any interior. Aesthetics, however, is only one of many assets of wooden doors.

Wood is a very durable, robust material. That is in itself a guarantee of a year-long lifespan. If cared for properly and regularly, timber doors can be used for over five decades. In other words, commissioning a wooden door is a wise, long-term investment. At the same time, this advantage is also the reason why you should choose timber doors particularly carefully – and not economise on them.

Yet another asset of wooden doors is their versatility. On the market, you will find various divergent door types, sizes, shapes, colours, patterns, and styles. As a result, you should have no problem purchasing perfect wooden doors, whether you need them for a traditional-style single-family house or a modern penthouse.

Timber doors – exceptional thermal insulation

Before you decide on a specific timber door, you should consider its other features. Most types of wood have very low thermal expansion coefficients. This means that in the winter, timber doors keep the heat inside, while in the summer, they form a barrier between the cool interior and hot exterior, preventing the warm air from getting inside. This comes in handy not only in the case of the front or back doors, but also in the garage. Timber doors will fully protect your vehicle from any damage which could be caused by frost or overheating.

Solid wooden doors and windows are the primary protection against temperature as well as noise. If you want to improve your quality of life, replace the old plastic doors with wooden ones.

Timber garage doors ensure security

A wooden door is a very good choice for the front of the building – but not only that. You can buy one for your garage as well. Unfortunately, it is true that such high-end, premium-quality timber doors are not cheap, but it is also worth every penny. After all, it is hard to imagine a more robust and solid door.

If you want to feel secure at home and make it much harder to break into your garage, timber doors are the way to go!

Premium wooden doors in London – how much do they cost?

There is no universal price for wooden doors, as it is determined by a number of factors, including location. In bigger cities, such as London, prices tend to be somewhat steeper, but there is also a wider choice. The costs also vary depending on the type of door: external, internal or garage.

External timber doors are more expensive than internal and can cost up to £2,000. This is mainly due to the fact that they make up the most important barrier between your home and the outside world – that’s why they should be extremely solid and, preferably, fitted with a modern anti-burglary system. The best (and most expensive) front doors are RC3- or RC4-category, meaning they have passed security tests involving the use of crowbars, pliers, screwdrivers, and even gunfire.

Internal wooden doors are much more affordable (around £200 in London), as they do not need to be this solid, weatherproof, or have sophisticated locks. Beautiful matching doors will impress every guest.

How to pick the best timber door?

Before investing in a set of wooden doors, you should know that they also have some disadvantages. The most important drawback is that they require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to ensure they stay weatherproof and don’t wear out too soon. From time to time, wooden doors need to be sanded and repainted. However, it can also be a great opportunity to try out a new interior design or to refresh the building’s facade.

All in all, timber doors are a great choice regardless of whether you live in a house or a flat, and whether you need a front door, garage door, or a set of internal doors. If you want to improve your quality of life and are not discouraged by the need to maintain the doors, invest in a high-quality wooden product and enjoy the peace and quiet of your cosy home.

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