Why is the Ford Fiesta a Good Option? 

If you’re in the market for a new car at the budget end of the automotive spectrum, then you might be tempted to opt for the Ford Fiesta. For decades, it’s ranked among the most popular vehicles driven on British roads. And it’s popular for good reason, offering a winning combination of performance and features at a relatively modest price point – especially if you’re shopping for a vehicle for the first time. 

Let’s run through a few of the Fiesta’s most notable plus-points. 

Attractive Exterior 

The Fiesta has a classically proportioned chassis that’s remained relatively unchanged for years. Its appeal is fairly broad. This is in contrast with alternatives from Fiat and others, which might divide opinion. The only downside to consider is that you might not be able to spot your car so easily in a crowded multi-storey. 

Low Running Costs  

As hatchbacks go, the Fiesta is pretty affordable to run. The popularity of the car means that you’ll have an easy time sourcing replacement components, and the few faults that the car does suffer will be recognised by most mechanics. If you want to get the best performance out of the car over the long term, naturally, it’s sensible to get your car serviced on a proactive basis.  

As a general point of principle, it’s a good idea to invest in your vehicle ahead of time rather than waiting for the costs to come to you. For example, by replacing your tyres periodically, you can maintain your safety and performance on the road. You can find replacement Ford Fiesta tyres from online dealers. 

Fun to Drive 

If you’ve test-driven many cars at this price point, then you might notice that the Fiesta offers better-than-average handling and acceleration. If you’re going to be driving a car regularly, then the experience of driving must be enjoyable. This is an area where the Fiesta delivers in abundance. 


The Fiesta rarely breaks down. You can find it sitting at 29 on the Reliability Index chart, which is taken from insurance data. The average repair cost sits at just over two hundred pounds. Compared to the alternatives available at this end of the hatchback market, it’s extremely respectable. 

Good new and used deals 

Whether you’re looking to pick up a brand-new Fiesta, or one that already has plenty of miles on the clock, you’ll be spoilt for options. As ever, if you’re going to buy used, it’s worth performing a little bit of due diligence to ensure that you aren’t going to get any surprises down the line. Make sure that you inspect and test the vehicle thoroughly before going through with the purchase. Ideally, you’ll want to do your shopping from an approved dealer.  

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