Why You Should Treat Yourself More

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Many of us, although we love treating other people in our life, whether it be our pets, our spouse, or our kids, are much more hesitant to really treat ourselves. We look upon treats as being frivolous or an unnecessary expense when we could be saving for our future or buying things for the kids, but the fact of the matter is, we should all be treating ourselves more!

Why? Because treating yourself is good for you in so many ways as you will see below…

Avoid burnout

When you spend all of your time working and very little time playing and having fun, then you will end up stressed out and tired, and eventually, this will lead to a total burnout. It’s so needless when the simple act of treating yourself to a nice bubble bath each night, a good book at the weekend or a nice trip away every once in a while can be enough to maintain a healthy balance and keep you from burning out completely.

Boost your mood

There is no denying that treating yourself can make you happy, at least for a little while. And you deserve to be happy, don’t you? So whether it’s treating yourself to some totally frivilous personalised number plates for your car or booking a spa day for you and your friends, if you can afford it, and it is likely to boost your mood when you are feeling down, why not treat yourself? You work hard so you deserve to have something nice just for you.

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Motivate yourself

Intrinsic motivation seems to be something that some of us have and some of us do not. If you are someone who is not intrinsically motivated by whatever it is you are doing, then treating yourself, providing you do it right, can be a good way to find that motivation. For example, if you promise you can go on holiday to some sunny destination only after you have finished writing your novel, the pages will just fly by or if you promise yourself a chapter of that great new book only after you have cleaned the kitchen, the marigolds will be on with no arguments. Treats are nice, but they can also be a useful life tool too.

Be a better person for others

If you are stressed out and unhappy all the time, chances are you will be snappier and less fun to be around, so by treating yourself now and again, you can become a better person not only for yourself but for the people around you too. It’s much nicer to live or work with a happy, relaxed person who is not on the edge of burnout, after all.

There is no shame in treating yourself as little and as often as you like, providing you do not get into debt or neglect necessary duties in order to do so, and you know what, having little treats to look forward to can make life so much better, as you can see above! So, how about it – time to treat yourself?

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