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10 Cool Garden Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Looking for a little inspiration for your own garden this coming spring? There’s so much of it out there for the taking – especially for those willing to get a little creative. Regardless of what kind of space, budget and time you have to work with, check out the following garden design ideas and you’re bound to find something that could really bring your outdoor space to life:

Vertical Gardening

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First up, vertical gardening is all about making the most of vertical space and maximising your garden’s potential. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complex – a simple fabric shoe-rack or wooden storage rack can be taken and hung outdoors to make a perfect herb garden! 

Perfect Planters

Raised garden beds are an absolutely fabulous approach for anyone looking to grow vegetables at home, providing complete protection as and when required along with total versatility. It’s also an idea that can work on a much smaller or larger scale, as and when called for. This raised garden beds Pinterest page will give you lots of inspiration

Creative Stonework

Getting creative with stonework paving can also transform a garden in the most incredible ways. Laying down garden stepping stones through a lawn makes a practical path but also a lovely feature whilst protecting the grass in high traffic areas. The best way to get started is to head over to a leading stonework or patio paving company like Easypave to see what’s on offer and gain all the inspiration you’ll ever need. 

Bottle Planters

Image: PixabayBack with the vertical gardening theme, how about saving a fortune and doing a little bit of creative recycling at the same time?  Simple plastic bottle look great when used as planters like these and are super thrifty too!

Repurposed Barbecues

If you happen to have an old barbecue or two lying about the place, why not set yourself up a cool water feature? Even if you don’t, it’s possible to pick up barbecues these days for less than £10 and the possibilities for repurposing are endless.

Lavish Lighting

Now whether illuminated clothing hanging from trees is a super-cool idea or way too creepy is a matter of personal opinion.  Nevertheless, it clearly illustrates just what you can do with a little imagination…and in this case a bunch of clothes you don’t wear anymore!

Playing with Pallets

Image: PixabayThere are literally thousands of amazing things you can do with pallets, though using them to get into vertical gardening is one of our favourite ideas of all. They cost next to nothing and can be used to produce anything from planters to patio furniture!

Sublime Seating

Why not take things to a wholly higher level when it comes to your outdoor seating arrangements? If both space and the weather where you’re located allow you to do so, it’s more than worth exploring the possibilities with creative, comfortable and downright luxurious outdoor seating – a world away from the usual plastic chairs.

 Bendy Borders

Make no mistake about it – nobody said you can only make borders around your garden with straight lines and angles. Adding a few graceful curves into the equation can well and truly transform any outdoor space to an enormous extent.

Give It Some Wellie

Image: Pixabay

Last but not least, why not upcycle your old footwear and expand the planting opportunities in your garden at the same time? As you can see, a simple discarded wellington boots can make for an attractive garden feature – you can even get creative with the paint and the embellishments, if you want to!

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