A style that I love!  The Industrial style is all about striking accents without any fuss, whether that’s decorative items, furniture pieces, large lamps, an iron stair case, metal cabinets or bare brick walls.  So let’s look at the ways you can infuse your home with industrial decor and design:

Industrial Elements

The basis for any industrial style starts with simplicity; think of cool colours such as black, white, grey, army green and shades of brown.  Materials such as concrete, clay and stone fit perfectly in an industrial style decor and help create a more natural mood and the illusion of a larger space.

It is very simple, anything that is “natural” and “rugged” can fit into an industrial style such as steel, leather, concrete, brick and wood.  A metal dining table against a rough brick wall, a wooden kitchen worktop with concrete splash back or stone flooring beneath a large and ‘lived in’ leather arm chair are great combinations, bringing colours, textures and materials together to deliver an exciting and stylish look.

When it comes to putting this ‘factory-inspired’ trend together, always aim for more rustic and vintage elements, which are both striking in the home and true to the form of an industrial look.  You really can’t go wrong if you keep it minimal and simple.

Textured brick walls, iron pipes or wooden beams are all key features in an industrial space – there’s no need to hide them as they are the essential elements you want.  However, not every home has a textured brick wall, so you can substitute this for wallpapers that provide the ideal texture needed. This unfinished and rugged style is what defines an industrial look.

Choose eye catching, statement pieces and furniture that serves as a focal point for your space.  Think of a beautiful vintage leather sofa and large wooden or steel dining table – and remember the furniture should not be newly painted or shiny, it needs to be weathered, aged and textured in the main.

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Variety is Key

Don’t overdo it when it comes to putting colours and materials together, see what works and fits into the space and also consider the type of industrial style (soft-industrial, industrial-luxe etc.) you are going for. Variety of materials is key, so think about the types of furniture, textures and design you want to use and embrace cool colours it won’t create a cold atmosphere if the lighting is perfect and there are many different types of industrial lighting available. Think of big and robust lamps such as factory pendants that can be suspended from the ceiling; these types of lamps are an instant style statement due to their rugged look, but they also provide a welcoming and atmospheric light when lit. Sturdy and raw metal lamps with chain or rope suspension cables complete the overall look of the industrial style.

Compliment the lamps with beautiful and decorative LED filament bulbs, these bulbs are not only energy efficient but they have a longer life span also. These rustic and decorative filament bulbs are definitely ‘in’ this year as they provide beautiful, ambient lighting.

By using accessories you can personalise your home to balance colour or to create a warmer or cooler atmosphere, depending on your taste.  Rotate accessories depending on the season; for example during the winter months you’ll want a warmer feel so choose shades such as beige, red, brown, dark blue etc.  In the summer, we often need a fresher, cooler atmosphere so go for pastel colours such as light green, light blue, light pink etc.  You can bring in plants too for an urban jungle feel and switch up easy to change accessories such as a throw or cushions – whatever works with your industrial decor and style.

With all of these tips you can’t go wrong when it comes to creating an industrial style.  Just remember that less = more, but you can still be daring and bold.  Keep in mind that this is your own personal style, therefore it’s important that your home decor should reflect that and show off your own personal flare.

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