3 Projects For Your Home This Year

Now that the festivities are over and your home is back to normal, you are probably itching to try something new. It is fun to work on new projects and there is nothing quite like designing new interior and exterior spaces around the home. Along with enjoying the whole process, you then get to live with the results afterwards, results that you will be proud of. That is why today we wanted to offer up some inspiration, so here are 3 projects for your home this year. 

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Make it warm and secure

This project might not be as exciting as some of the others on our list, but there is a reason that we are starting with this one. It is essential that you do all that you can to insulate your home and make it safe and secure.

Along with the practicalities involved here, there will be some level of design work involved. For example, you might look at new windows from Windows Coventry or perhaps you will opt for a brand new front door. 

Upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is often where family congregate each day, so you will want this to be an inviting space, as well as being a practical area. A well-designed kitchen can add value to a home, along with adding to your own enjoyment of spending time there.

If you have not changed your kitchen for some time, maybe this is the project for you this year. It is up to you how big you go with this one, as there are several ways that you can go about doing this. 

You might find that the layout works well for you as it is and that the cupboards are all sound, so you only need to think about redecorating the room and perhaps putting down new flooring. This can make a huge impact and is relatively easy to do. You might choose to change the worktops and cupboard doors so that it feels like a brand new kitchen, but at a fraction of the cost. Or of course, you can go for it and have a complete new design, including the units, flooring and decor. 

Add more space

This is the big one, the big project that could keep you busy all year! Would your home benefit from having more space? Is this the year that you finally take the plunge and add more space? 

The two most common ways to extend your home are to go up or to go out. You might choose to convert your loft and create a master bedroom suite up there or perhaps an airy home office. You might add a second storey extension over an existing room to add more bedrooms or bathrooms. Alternatively, you can extend on the ground floor, and people tend to do this by taking up space from their garden. 

Alternatively, you might have outbuildings that you are not making the most of that could be converted into useful space, or you could add something like a summer house and use it as an extra room. 

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