How to Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

For many of us, getting a full eight hours of sleep is often just a dream. Our lives are so busy that we don’t always have enough time to spend in our beds.

That’s why it’s important to make the most of the moments in which we actually can just curl up and snooze. And turning our bedrooms into sleep sanctuaries is one way to ensure that we do manage to nod off and get some all-important rest.

Invest in the Right Curtains


The first and perhaps most important thing you can do is to invest in a set of curtains you can trust. These will block out the light, of course, and create an atmosphere of calm. So, you might want to look at the range of curtains from a company like Direct Blinds. With the right curtains in place, your room will be able to go from bright to night in no time at all.

Choose a Comfy Bed

To make the most of your slumber you need to have a good bed beneath you. There are many types and styles to choose from, and what’s important is that you are comfortable. If you live in a studio flat or have a room in a shared house you could even choose a sofa bed, which could double as a place to sit during your waking hours.

Control the Temperature

Our sleep cycle has been proven to be tied to the temperature around us and even changes of just a few degrees can make a huge difference. This is why it can be a good idea to make sure that your bedroom is the right temperature. Electrical heaters and blankets can help to raise the temperature if your radiators aren’t doing the job. Sheets should be used instead of duvets if your room is too cold. As with your bed, the most important consideration is your comfort.

Try Feng Shui  

If all else fails it could be an idea to try a metaphysical approach. In laying out your bedroom according to the principles of feng shui you may be able to create a more harmonious environment. Even if there is no noticeable effect, you will at least be reassured by the fact that you have a more tidy bedroom. And if your environment is neater it could help you to settle more easily.

Play Soothing Music

When the only thing stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep is noise – be it from your neighbours or caused by some other factor – you could always put on your own music. This way you will be able to drift off to sleep following the rhythms of songs you have chosen, and your bedroom will therefore be a haven of your own making.

These are just some of the ways you can turn your room into a sleep sanctuary, and there are many more. A good idea is to experiment in order to see what works best for you when it comes to getting all the slumber you need.

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